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The only reason he was charged with a "hate crime" is because this happened in Oklahoma and some prosecutor decided to charge him with it. This is why people like Soros use their money to elect prosecutors they want. They know decisions like this are completely arbitrary and left up to prosecutors discretion. Had this happened elsewhere it would likely have been swept under the rug.

To illustrate this point, you have numerous murders and attempted murders where the black perp specifically ranted about race AS he was attacking white people, and no hate crimes charges were even suggested and of course no media coverage. Just look at the shooting where a white family and a 6 year old girl were shot by a black man yelling "I don't even like white people"(which is a bit of an understatement given he was at that moment attempting to murder a family of them). The media claimed it was all because a basketball rolled into his yard but no mention of race or his comments as he shot a 6 year old girl. Or the black man that ran over a white bicyclist at a stop light and then got out of his car and shot him while shouting about white privilege. Nope, definitely not a hate crime in Soros DA ruled Los Angeles.

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Or when jewess Lizzie Grubman intentionally mowed down a crowd of people while shouting about how she hates white people, injuring 16 people. She only served 38 days in jail for attempting murder on dozens.

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He might never make it to the police station in some jurisdictions.

In California he would be released on recognizance or zero bond.

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These ‘people’ don’t mentally connect crime and result: if captured alive, they should be bull whipped publicly for all to see.