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Yes, definitely. The John Birch Society was what people now call "alt right" at least 50 years before Alex Jones had a radio program, and it was 100% evangelical protestant.

These people kind of fly under the radar, though, especially if you're in the city.

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JBS is not alt right. They are just small gov and socially conservative.

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JBS was mostly anti-government radical libertarian boomerwaffen. They did oppose immigration and some of the cultural rot, but that was always a sideshow to their economic libertarianism. Muh lower taxes and muh federal reserve.

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Libertarians are now considered alt-right, even though we all know that's bs.

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Coz the left is constantly moving left, a bit like the commies who were always in their revolutions and always executing the rightmost parts of their leftard 'revolution'. So eventually even classic liberalism becomes "right" to them.

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Their rank-and-file members always seemed to me to be focused on social issues first.

They probably are a little lukewarm on the Fed question. Frankly, fixating on money per se has always seemed a little neckbeardy to me, too. Monetary policy is a detail. A functioning society with shit monetary policy is much better than the reverse.

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That sounds more like paleoconservative. It's not alt-right unless they want to use government to enforce their social stances (ex. criminalize homosexuals).

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The alt-right was always a big tent with a lot of ideologies underneath it, the only thing uniting them being White advocacy. There were definitely small government libertarians among them, who simply didn't like being shamed and attacked by every institution in society for the crime of being born as a member of their race.

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I will never consider "not wanting to genocide white people" as alt-right. White supremacy is alt-right. Treating people like people instead of races and social classes is not. And contrary to the media, not supporting white genocide does not automatically make you a white supremacist.

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You are an outsider to dissident-right spaces and seem to see us as caricatures of our real beliefs. No, White supremacy is extremely rare. Race realism is not White supremacy, as Whites are objectively not supreme. Most in the dissident right simply want homogenous homelands, to be left alone by jews.

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That's borderline, but I still wouldn't consider it alt-right. It's still much better than what people have believed for most of history. When I think of alt-right, I think of fascist dictatorships like Nazi Germany; and the version that did do the holocaust, whether it really happened or not.

However, I do think that placing so much importance on race is dangerous for the same reason as gender and sexuality. We must not let the instinct to view people as nothing but members of a group master us. And such distinctions do not last forever.

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He literally just explained to you what the alt right was. We were part of it. Your response is to continue carrying on a caricature, what the media, our political enemies, told you we are. Hilarious. Your just a liberal individualist.

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You're accepting the media's definition of alt-right to include literally anything that isn't communism. Alt-right is supposed to be extreme extreme.

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That sounds more like paleoconservative.

That's an accurate description, I think.

Paleoconservative is not exactly "alt right," but the main difference is that "alt right" arrived on the scene a few decades later. Ideologically, they are both right wing and conservative, and both fundamentally opposed to neoconservativism.

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Paleoconservative can't be alt-right, it's against big government. Unless you're going by the leftist media's definition, in which case everything except their exact narrative is alt-right.

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Monetary policy defines generations. It defines booms and busts and unemployment (and thus, despair and domestic violence) and so many other things.

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They weren't always like that but they did purge dissidents.

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The only one who comes to mind is E. Michael Jones. He's a Catholic who is aware of the Jewish Problem. But he doesn't believe in race.

On the opposite spectrum, Jared Taylor is Christian and believes in race. But he doesn't prioritize the JQ.

Edit: WTF, I just googled and Jones still has his Twitter account? How do you get away with naming the Jews, but Jared Taylor is still banned?

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Catholics aren't evangelical Christians.

I mean, they'd tell you "we're evangelical in our work," but the category (in popular usage) doesn't include them.

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If race or gender or anything about the body is so important to you, what will you do when the body is destroyed?

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You shouldn't wait for your body to be destroyed. In fact, you're making the argument that we need to take care of it and multiply as we only have one chance on Earth.

And yes, that especially means Race is important. You don't destroy a race, you wish to see it prosper.

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The idea that you're simply gone after death is completely illogical. This is coming from someone who is a known pessimist and tends to assume the worst. Even if that somehow were the case, social classes are among the most pointless things to spend your life on.

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The idea that you're simply gone after death is completely illogical.

Biologically, it absolutely is. I don't understand how you can deny this unless you believe in zombies?

Even if that somehow were the case, social classes are among the most pointless things to spend your life on.

Every animal has a basic instinct to both survive and reproduce. Failing to do either leads to extinction.

It has nothing to do with class, unless you think Dinosaurs are one. Or the Dodo.

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And what does biology know? Of course biology says that; it's literally the study of the body. It has nothing to say about anything else, not the least of which is disembodiment.

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And what does biology know? Of course biology says that; it's literally the study of the body. It has nothing to say about anything else, not the least of which is disembodiment.

Of course it does. Why do Men commit more violent crimes than Women? Or why aren't Monkeys building hi-tech civilizations vs swinging around in trees? Biology/Genes provides the most accurate answers for how the world operates.

Similarly, why do animals have an instinct to reproduce? Because it's part of our evolution to pass on our genes from one generation to the next. And those who survive get to inherit the world their ancestors fought for.

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Those are all bodily functions.

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And those functions play an important role in shaping the world us.

Farmers wouldn't exist if there was no one to feed for example.

Edit: But I'm not going to waste time with semantics. I already said I consider biology important and we can't live without it. The more we learn about living things, the better we can improve our own lifespans.

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But it says nothing about what we call the afterlife.

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Btw, when women commit violence, it's usually not considered a crime.

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What's your source?

For example, are you saying a Woman could get away with a mass shooting or terrorist attack?

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No, but she'd probably get a much lighter sentence than a man would.

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Not likely. The alt right is defunct at this point. Alt right activists were sued by lesbian jew lawyers or sent to federal prison. Alt right is defacto illegal. The tiki torch marchers have been charged with felony intimidation with fire. Most of the people associated with the term were fringe lunatics. Evangelical organizations dont want to be branded racist, so I would think they mostly remain closeted, if any exist.

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These days I think a lot are closeted, ever since the George Floyd BLM incident.

Before 2020 though, I don't think hardly any were racist. They were "colorblind", which is the way to be.

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The only time that being colorblind is even slightly acceptable, might be in some imaginary world where jews aren't actively inciting hatred against Whites as a race and trying to exterminate us as a race.

Since our enemies want us extinct, want our children raped, and think it's funny, the only path to survival is to close ranks and act in our own interests as Whites.

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The proper response to racial hatred is not more racial hatred.

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Wrong, hatred is one of the strongest motivators. But really, my strong love for my People is miles greater than my hatred for those who harm them.

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Lol. A Star Wars quote from liberal Hollywood movie studios. Ok, buddy.

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That movie came out in 1980, which is long before the woke stuff took over everything.

Also, a certain 2000-year-old book with an impossible amount of wisdom says the same thing, though 99% of people don't want to acknowledge that.

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No, the problem with modern-day Christians is precisely that they stopped HATING evil. Jesus in the temple, flipping tables and throwing everybody out. That was some righteous holy anger right there. He denounced the sons of lies, the vipers and hypocrites.

I think Jesus has a good bit of hatred and anger towards evil. If modern-day Christians had adopted such a stance, the world wouldn't be where it is today.

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That was directed at the evil itself was it not? He didn't go hating Jews to "compensate" for their prejudice against goyim.

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So it's hateful to love your race?

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No? But it's concerning if you only love your own race.

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Why do you think I'm morally obligated to love every race? Weird how you sound like a liberal SJW from early 2010s. Almost like you believe the exact same shit.

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You shouldn't love any race. You should love all people.

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Many if not most evangelicals have been trending alt-right since 2020. Specifically late May/early June 2020. Not exactly Hitler alt right, but more ultra-traditionalist and pro-monarchy and theocracy.

Before 2020? They were extremely rare, though the media seemed to think they were everywhere. And thanks to them, now it really is so. Evangelicals tended to be paleolibertarians back then, couldn't be more different than they are now.

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The irony is that your views are the product of a 90% White America that no longer exists.

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And I stand by them!

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There's plenty, there's just not a ton of organization to them. The fact that a quarter of all Christians or so would be considered "evangelicals" alone should tell you that yes, they definitely exist, considering the other statistics involved.

I think a big reason you see a lot more organized groups among Catholics, Orthodox, and non-Christians is that 1. Many of those were in Europe and had some extent of state or institutional backing, while Protestant groups rarely have/had said backing and need to build up themselves against many hostile internal and external forces, and 2. Many of these groups have more in common than differing Protestant sects that may in reality have significant religious and political differences.

If a major, powerful alt-right or alt-right adjacent Protestant faction came up, especially in the modern day, it would likely need to take the form of a coalition not unlike the Nationalists of the SCW, with a relatively factional big-tent unit of various smaller groups, at least in America.

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You can find them on