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Slave morality.

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Right wing, left wing. Who cares, jews have mislead people for 100s of years. They are terrorist and every one should become plant food.

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It's all false dichotomy bullshit. These descriptions are mostly about old alliances or associations, and they have very little basis in reality.

Most of these conflicts could be resolved easily anyway, and likely would be sans Jewish interference keeping them going.

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From a Cold War perspective, it makes sense. The Soviet Union & China where on more friendly terms with the Arabs, whereas the U.S had backed Israel. Syria, Iraq, Libya & Egypt also had actual Socialist governments.

There's a similar case for White & Black Nationalism. The Apartheid, Portuguese and Rhodesians governments were at war with the Black militias who directly allied themselves with the Communists. When these countries where toppled or replaced with Black Nationalists they had left-leaning parties (i.e ANC in South Africa, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, MPLA in Angola).

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If you are an oppressed people your nationalism can be considered left wing, especially if your oppressors are white/European. For Leftists, European Jews are considered white and they see Zionism is an extension of European colonialism. Most Leftist in West don't care about Hindu nationalism or their conflict with muslims or Chinese oppression of muslims because these lack a white oppressor.