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If Whites don't exist, then how can White privilege and White fragility exist? Schrodinger's White person amirite? (reddit moment)

Being White exists when it's a target they mean to destroy ("anything White is evil") and being White doesn't exist when they mean to dispossess ("that's not yours, give it to the minorities").

I wouldn't pay much attention to these lowlifes. They use whatever weapons are available to attack us.

Critical Theory and Political Correctness

The sword is called critical theory. The theory of critical theory is simply to criticize. It sounds ridiculous when you put it so simply, but that's really all there is to it. While the Frankfurt School was in America, they found their new vanguard for the communist revolution: the dispossessed. The subversive nature of critical theory was twofold. First, each area of critical theory could appear to be unique and self-contained. For example, feminism could attack western culture from the perspective of its oppression against women, and that oppression must be unique to western culture. They make no mention of how cultures in Africa, the Middle East or Asia treat women, they only focus on the oppression of women in the west.


I mentioned that the subversive nature of critical theory was twofold. What makes critical theory truly destructive is that they never provide an alternative. They never tell you what might have been better, what might have worked in its place, or what alternatives have been tried successfully in the past. They just attack and attack and attack.

The Frankfurt School knew that western culture would eventually fight back against these attacks, so they created a shield. The shield is called political correctness. Political correctness says that certain groups are protected groups, therefore you're not allowed to talk about them unless you're one of them. They'll go even further by saying that they don't have to listen to your argument because you're a straight white male. Or they'll just say that they won't even let you talk because you're a racist homophobic misogynist. For example, if I were to call the president a tyrant, cultural marxists will say that the only reason I'm calling him a tyrant is because I hate black people. That's what political correctness is. It's a way for cultural marxists to get their opponents to shut up.

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The counter argument they would use for that is that people "considered" White benefit from the "social construct".

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That's exactly my point though, they just use it as a weapon, i.e. subjectively and when convenient for their desired end.

Furthermore, a nation is like a house, the members of that house should benefit and have privileges of membership, while outsiders are not entitled to those things.

The problems with our former nations is that they moved away from that natural concept and now it's a fight over resources and the public treasury.

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If Whites don't exist, then how can White privilege and White fragility exist?

If Whites don't exist, then white privilege can still be a thing. Let's say race didn't exist as a biological reality, but people THINK race does exist, so they treat people differently based on skin color. This is what they mean when they say it.

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people THINK race does exist, so they treat people differently

If race is a only a social construct, and people think white people are treated differently, i.e. "white privilege", then they are admitting white people are a racial category, based on their own definition of race as a social construct.

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then they are admitting white people are a racial category

Yes but not a biological category. They do believe that whites as a social race is real.

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They do believe that whites as a social race is real

Sort of. White racial identity is argued to be irrelevant, illegitimate, nonsense, whereas black racial identity is "black sunshine".

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Here's a 'friendly' way to sell the idea of whiteness to overly socialized judaized redditers.

Both black and white Americans went through the same process. When blacks left Africa they ceased being Bantu, Khoisan and Congolese. They are now 'black'. Whites ceased being individual regional ethnics when they moved to the united states. If you want to erase 'whiteness' then you have to erase 'blackness.'

The simpler version is that Europeans share common ancestors which is why they all have similar traits. Traits we think about when we think of 'Europeanness'. The term white is just another way to reference people with ancestors from Europe. Duh. Blacks also share common ancestors which is why they all share 'black' proclivities. This is so easy to understand even children get it. The only reason redditors will fight with you is because they have been heavily propagandized to misunderstand these truths. Their livelihoods and the fabric of their social connections depend on them continuing to live this lie. Misunderstanding human genomic differences helps the Jews stay hidden as they rape and exploit all nations.

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Why do you keep recycling concern troll posts salos? And why do you pretend to be an English actress, what kind of mental illness do you have?

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Is Salos back again?

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Nasser is Salos. I thought this was common knowledge.

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Fascinating. I thought he was banned. Why does he pretend to be a british actress? What mental illness does he have?

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When he was banned, people told him to just use another name, apparently with the understanding that he learned his lesson and would stop misrepresenting himself and just argue his views under a different alt. Instead he just came up with another alt to continue with the concern troll posts, in fact he's increased the rate of them.

If you look at nasser's post history and the post history of u/salos10000, you see the exact same kind of concern troll posts. He also has another alt that usually appears in his posts, u/fonched.

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Yes, ive noticed u/fonched as a concern troll, but i completely forgot about salos and didnt realize it might be an alt. Dude is psycho obsessed. So is that radicalfag troll. He's been trolling here for years.

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I used to picture Salos as some black or mixed race immigrant, but I notice over the years going back to reddit he will occasionally get really upset over criticism of Jews or Israel. His very first post as Nasser was a concern troll post over some Anne Frank memorial in Idaho being vandalized, because I mean why wouldn't someone with the name of an Arab nationalist and arch enemy of Israel who was assassinated be super concerned over some alleged sign of "antisemitism" in bum fuck Idaho.

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u/nasser made a concern troll post about a nigger kid getting killed and posted this as the source. It's safe to assume he is a nigger or kike, or half nigger, half kike.

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I'm not Salos.

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Caucasian is a race. And in that race are many other races. Culture per race is different. But there are some generalities that exist among all of us.

That’s like Asians are generally good at math. But there’s different races among the Asians. And they each have their own culture. And they look different.

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The idea that Irish or Italians were once considered non-white is just a sociological urban legend. See for rebuttal

He then says "The main concept for American history was whites are "not Black" or "not Native American". " Which doesn't seem true since Chinese and Indians had separate racial category on census as early as 1870. Alongside whites, blacks and mulattoes. Funnily enough, native Americans were added on census only in 1950 (source). It's likely the redditor just made this up completely.

He then seems to suggest that middle easterners used to be considered white until 9/11 happened??? I mean he is probably a zoomer but still, holy fuck.

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When people say "what do you mean by 'White'?" Just say you're using the exact same definition that jews/the left uses when they demonize Whites/Whiteness/White culture.

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I just say "people who identify as white. White people know who they are."

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If White people don't exist then tell them never to complain about anything like "White supremacy" or "White privilege" ever again since clearly if Whites can't exist neither can those

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Logical fallacy. From your perspective, whites do exist, and hence if they didn't exist, white privilege couldn't be a thing.
From their perspective, whites do not exist, and hence white privilege is problematic, because while whites don't exist, people treat others as if whites DID exist which grants those people, that are classified as white by society, special privileges.

Obviously this is false, whites are "privileged" (read: better) through biology, but are socially being persecuted and oppressed by the state and society in general. By denying our superior biology, they artificially create a social vacuum of inequality that justifies their antiwhite discrimination.

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whites do not exist, and hence white privilege is problematic

For white privilege to exist, "white", as a socially constructed racial category, must also exist.

Most of the arguments ive seen around whites not existing fall into the following:

1 - present white edge case, such as a pale skinned half oriental siberian or some other oddball that not everyone agrees is white, then argue that since white doesnt have an conctete definition, whites dont really exist and its an irrellevant illegitmate racial category.

2 - claim historical whiteness didnt exist, therefore whiteness is irrellevant. This usually revolves around saying dutch saw themselves as dutch, english as english, etc. not white. This is a poor argument for obvious reasons.

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Whites obviously exist as a socially constructed racial category. Even leftists will argue this.

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Even leftists will argue this.

They go both ways. When a chinaman or black identifies as asian american or black, it's rare or nonexistant for jewmedia to ask "what even is asian", then pretend fail to reach a reasonable conclusion on what that means.

Meanwhile, white identity is met with, "what even is white?" followed by, "no one even knows".

This is what I mean when I say leftists dont recognize white as a racial category. The only time white identity exists to them is when it's used to disparage whites.

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If they don't recognize social race, then the logic in OP holds.

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From their perspective, whites do not exist, and hence white privilege is problematic

This is exactly the point though, who are the benefactors of "White Privilege" if Whites don't exist?

You don't need to spend time explaining to them Whites exist, make them explain their views on the contradictions they hold on race

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This is exactly the point though, who are the benefactors of "White Privilege" if Whites don't exist?

Those who are PERCEIVED to be white due to their white skin color, but are not white, because race is not real.

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And who are these people "perceived" to be White?

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Those with white skin and those who are white passing.