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It's probably underreported.

Africa has the combination of being extremely poor, stupid and corrupt. Keeping records of crime would be considered a luxury.

Latin Americans by comparison are an evolutionary half-leap. They gained a few IQ points from mixing with Europeans, but they still have violent Native Indian blood running through them.

The result is Grand Theft Auto battles in real life.

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when whites become crimepilled. this op is way too high iq to be done by pardos.

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They're not, Africa just has terrible record keeping.

Here is very telling statistic about the criminality in Africa:

According to the Cleen Foundation's 2005 and 2006 country-wide crime victimization surveys, each covering 10,000 Nigerians, almost 2% of the persons interviewed reported that a member of their household was killed in the past twelve months.

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Latin America takes better record of their crime vs Africa would be my guess

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We have no idea how many homicides take place in Africa. Niggers do the recordkeeping.

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Because the U.S. has been actively destabilizing governments in South America for the last 5 decades in an effort to exploit their natural resources by preventing them from nationalizing them, but not as much so in Africa, likely due to the closer proximity of SA. This enriches us, but this destabilization is also the primary driver of our immigration problem

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One word, ressentiment. Blacks in Latin America live much closer to whites and see our obvious superiority much clearer.