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Ridiculous. This is the literal definition of anarcho-tyranny: charging people for irrelevant, obscure and contrived crimes because they dissent against the regime, but ignoring literal acts of terrorism and murder by their leftist attack dogs.

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but ignoring literal acts of terrorism and murder by their leftist attack dogs

Most of this occurred under the Trump "law and order president" regime. What a worthless sack of garbage.

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Indeed. It's "conservatives" being doormats and ignoring the values they claim to espouse, or in other words, "business as usual". Trump and all mainstream (or even "fringe" conservatives) are controlled opposition, if you can really even call them "opposition".

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This is why oligarchs like George Soros buy prosecutors offices. They know when they control these prosecutors, or at least vet them, they can basically charge anyone they want with anything, and when they also control the media, courts, social media, banks, politicians, internet infrastructure, the domestic intelligence and surveillance bureaucracy, and have the most powerful well funded lobby groups on earth, there isn't anything anyone can do to stop them. We now live in a dystopian oligarchy.

The funny thing is that when all this was going on back in 2016/17, I didn't even like the alt right, and felt like I had little to nothing in common with them. I still don't in many ways, but I know exactly where this is heading, and it won't stop with the alt right. They are just the canary in the coal mine. Eventually any and all critics of Jewish power, "left" or "right, will be targets, and even people who they think MIGHT become critics or who might not have a favorable view of it. In fact we are more or less already seeing this, or at least the beginnings of it. It is still kind of in the testing phase where they see just how much they can get away with, but they will never stop doubling down. Elon Musk probably knows this. He is basically a 90's liberal but they have pushed the overton window so far in the direction they want he is now labeled far right just for pushing for a level of free speech that is a far cry from what we had just in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Some independent journalists recently attempted to file a freedom of information act request regarding the "manifesto" of the Nashville transgender shooter, and they found out that no lawyers would even dare touch it, and these weren't some fringe journalists either. One of them was Glenn Greenwald. All the lawyers they reached out to were too afraid. I mean this person massacred school children, and yet they are too scared to be seen as looking into the shooters self declared motive. When your society is that far gone there's no saving it.

The system is probably going to collapse eventually, but in terms of the damage and destruction that will be caused, they are just getting warmed up. Many of these people are flat out psychopaths. They are the people that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east and now hundreds of thousands in Ukraine, and don't even bat an eye or lose a second of sleep over it.

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All the lawyers they reached out to were too afraid

The risk is too high for them. They could get disbarred, sued by the lesbian jew lawyer, or worse, jailed for some obscure law they broke, like conspiracy to obstruct an official door hinge repair.

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Ah yes, reminds me of the time Scotsman has been found "guilty of causing fear or alarm by suggestively rubbing his nipples" outside a betting shop in Forfar

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Total madness.

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    What color are you? Are you the wrong kind of racist?