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You could find 100 examples of this for every White person. Do you go to reddit and ask them about those? Whites should have supremacy in their own societies. Non Whites should shut the fuck up.

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Not disagreeing but please share these 100 examples.

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Ah thanks, it's good to have these example of counters when incidents like this occur.

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The stupidest part of his comment is that that would necessitate continuing living in close proximity with groups that hate us. Very short-sighted and shameful given known historical trajectories that we're currently suffering the consequences of.

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Literally who cares. Imagine living in a society where people didnt freak out over obviously hyperbolic/unserious statements like "All white men should have a black man as a slave"

Its probably not even real, its just some recording they dont know where from. Could be AI

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Anti Whites leftists sure are caring and he admitted to it. I stated my issue with this shit in the post body. In an ideal world, I'd agree that hyperbolic/unserious shit wouldn't be freaked out over. But in our modern world, this is basically a propaganda loss for Whites as a whole.

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Someone should do that with some AI Trump nonsense. Catfish some retard journalists.

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Heated gamer moment as they use to say

But for real I do not care much about it, society in Britain was already insanely anti-White before he said it and it's not changing anything but hurting the Tories which is good

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Who the fuck cares?

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    He didn't criticize non Whites though, if he did that for example criticizing non White crime or White replacement, I wouldn't have any problem with that, what he said though is just low value, trashy shit that our enemies can exploit. You're bit about Japan and all, I'd agree with it but Whites don't live in that world. I am on your side broadly, I'm not a neo nazi or fascist though, I believe we are in a propaganda war, trying to galvanize our people to fight back against ethnic replacement, his comments do the exact opposite and pushs moderate/apolitical Whites away.

    I'm not Arab, I chose Nasser's name for no particular reason at all. What zionist talking points have I shilled? Believing the holocaust happened?

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    I'm not Arab, I chose Nasser's name for no particular reason at all.

    I mean the name didn't choose itself. You typed out the letters Nasser for some reason. Is that one of the names you use to spy on Arab nationalists and Palestinians and you were too lazy to make a new one so just re-used it for when you subvert and troll alt right subs?

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    No, it isn't, why would have any interest in that? (before you ask, I'm not Jewish).

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    It always baffles me when standard conservative politicians do something "racist" and allegedly live up to what they're often called by the left, but the alt-right still thinks they're weak.

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    The tory party is weak and anti White. Cases like this with edwards saying something stupid are the extreme exceptions, net immigration to the UK, especially from non White nations, was at its highest last year, the torys have a super majority in parliament, a poll showed literally every UK constituency bar 1 in central Bristol wanted decreased immigration and the worthless "conservative" party has done absolutely nothing.

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    I don't know how the left extrapolates such rare instances to include the whole of conservatives' destiny, this is especially big in the U.S. with GOP and all the recent debates.

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    a poll showed literally every UK constituency bar 1 in central Bristol wanted decreased immigration

    Can you provide this poll?

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