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White racism is the ultimate form of human evil within western liberalism so as such most of the replies are obviously on the son's side.

It's reddit. It was bought by zionist war mongering Jew oligarchs after grass roots users built the popular subs and made the site popular, and then turned into anti white pro Jewish propaganda that censors alternative viewpoints and bans users with opinions they don't like in order to manufacture consent and astroturf peer presser. It's filled with shills, feds and trolls, which is why you love the site so much and link to it in almost every post. Most people are conformist and will conform to whatever they believe the popular view is and offers the path of least resistance, hence the Jewish obsession with controlling and heavily censoring social media.

Without traveling to that cesspit of a website to read the already predictable comments or the likely made up story, I would do what the parent did in this situation and punish the kid for attempting to bully his sister and damage her property.

Or say if your child used a racial slur or racially assaulted a non White peer, how would you react to it and/or punish them?

If they said a racial slur I would treat it the same way as if they were swearing, although it would depend somewhat on what the supposed "slur" actually was. For the second part, what does "racially assault" mean exactly? If they physically assaulted someone and it wasnt a situation where they were standing up for themselves and others or defending themselves, I would punish them, beyond that it would depend on what exactly they did.

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I will teach my children how to read using variations of the TND copypasta

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I get that this is a joke reply, but seriously what are your answers to the questions?

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I mean I really wouldn't care. Especially if the "racially prejudiced behavior" is simply jokes as in the example, but even in the case of outright "racism" I wouldn't care (in fact in most cases I would actively support it) because a vast majority of what is now considered "racism" is simple acceptance of biological facts. In fact, a lot of "-isms" and "-phobias" are predicated on failing to reject reality when ZOG commands it.

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    What's your answers to my questions?

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    Nasser...As a non-white what do you teach your kids about the scapegoating, racial incitement, violence, discrimination, political persecution, and double standards whites face in the US today? Do you teach them that is ok? Also, do you have any reddit links to posts that talk about that?

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    I am White. But to answer that question, the average non White parent wouldn't believe in any of that or possibly justify it. They largely would not care for White's in the slightest outside of personal friendships or relations.

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    Kinda whitepilling that the daughter has friends her age that are also based.

    The whole thread reads like some clown world sitcom.

    The daughter and her friends rightfully make fun of the school for making them sing songs in fucking Urdu and Spanish. Her brother who apparently has more loyalty to his brown friends on his baseball team than his own family gets offended on behalf of brown people and destroys his sister's property. And to top it all off horrified redditors screech at the mother for not immediately executing her daughter for being a gasp racist.

    If you were the parent in this situation, how would you react to it? Or say if your child used a racial slur or racially assaulted a non White peer, how would you react to it and/or punish them?

    To answer your question I wouldn't put my kids in public schools to begin with, but if they were I'd remind them of the current social climate and tell them although they might be justified in what they say to still watch their tongue unless around trusted company. Also my kids wouldn't be nigs so I'd imagine if they were to "assault" a peer of theirs that is non-white it would be justified self defense.

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    I think it would be the best just to encourage your kids to not use slurs or not act stupidly around non Whites at all, the social climate yes is a factor but I personally feel the average non White doesn't deserve disdain, it's the White traitor as well as the non White elites who are primarily the reason our people are in the position we are in now. You can't call someone an invader if they were "invited" into your house which is largely the case with non White immigrants. Additionally, not giving our enemies easy propaganda is key as well.

    In regard to your last point, White children yes largely doesn't engage in assaults, it still does happen and is propagandized. For example in the UK, a bunch of White 11 year olds beat up a Black 15 year old and were egged on by their parents, it was heavily propagandized although the value was minimized by the attackers being Irish travelers who are largely looked down on similar to gypsies.