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Are you talking about all girls and all boys schools? Not clear on what you're suggesting. I've never heard anyone say they are immoral or result in inequality. They are simply done to prevent distraction. As a parent I could see value in having a girl go to an all girl school, and probably less value in a boy going to an all boy school, although in both cases the schools are going to be private schools that are better across the board, and in nearly all cases would be religious based schools, so you would have to be less worried about degeneracy and anti white hatred being taught in them or simply being part of the daily culture they are subjected to.

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We should be segregated by race. There like 30 different whites.

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Why race and not "gender"?

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Gender too.

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That's the spirit!

Birds of a feather flock together. People of the same type, race and "gender," are to mutually associate

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Right. Just culturally we get along it makes sense.

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This is ridiculous. The genetics of personality and temperment are more connected to specific bloodlines than race, and can very quickly mutate. That's why we have all these sweet pitbulls nowadays even though they were bred as fighting dogs. There are probably slight sex differences in the brain, but none significant enough to reliably detect; for comparison, you can easily detect whether someone has played Super Mario Bros. in a brain scan.

The person who is most like me out of anyone I've ever met is the opposite sex (admittedly I do have gender dysphoria). I don't know about race but it doesn't matter.

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That's ridiculous. The person who is most like me out of anyone I've ever met is the same sex

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The absence of evidence is not evidence to the contrary. The fact that I gave you even one example that doesn't follow your dichotomy disproves it.

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You're an outlier. Outliers don't disprove the dichotomy that works for most people

You shared your story, and I shared mine. Your story doesn't matter to me, when mine doesn't matter to you

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How do you know that I am an outlier?

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I can't believe even you are falling for this crap. The response to anti-white racism, for instance, is not becoming racist against blacks, or even "separate but equal". What was wrong with "colorblindness"? If we can stop trying to put ourselves above others, we will all always be on the winning side. But if not, the elites will use our infighting to their advantage.

The George Floyd riots were a psyop! They were trying to turn us racist because they knew we were the only ones left who didn't judge people by their skin color! Don't think that just because the media always sides with the left means they aren't manipulating the right either. They want everyone to vote for them to get more power. And what better way to trick them into doing that than to engineer conflict that only they can stop? Just like Palpatine.

I, the borderline schizo, feel like the only sane one left.

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Lmao there's no way you seriously believe this shot. The proper response to someone repeatedly punching you in the face is to defend yourself.

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We are truly hopeless. No, you don't defend against tyranny with tyranny. You don't defend against prejudice with prejudice. You don't defend against injustice with injustice. You don't defend against evil with evil. Are people now incapable of seeing people as anything more than assets of a group? If you, in response to anti-white SJWs, respond by hating blacks, will this not only trigger them further and push them to even more extremity against whites? And will it not only feed into their narrative about those who don't bow to them, that we're all a bunch of white supremacists? How does this solve anything, and not make things even worse than they already were? Do not fight evil with evil, but overcome evil with good.

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Advocating for my racial interests doesn't mean that I hate anyone or I'm a supremacist. Yawn. You don't even know what we believe. Go back to the drawing board and try again, bud. They already hate you for being White, dumbass. They literally celebrate when there are less White people. Less White people to them = less White supremacy. White people existing is White supremacy. How are there still people as naive as you after the past 10 years is beyond me.

You're just a liberal. You have a really strange attachment to 1960s era liberal.platitudes about racial equality and it's kind of weird because the system abandoned that rhetoric decades ago.

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Yeah, so both of you are idiots who think our lives should revolve around race and social classes instead of treating people like people.

This was the conservative position and still sort of is on this issue. But more and more people are abandoning it for an excuse to fight.

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We don't want to fight. We just want self determination. Africa for africans, Europe for Europeans, Asia for asians, etc

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Why is that necessary, to separate and exclude people for no reason?

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This doesn't address anything that's been said. You're just calling everything evil and saying we want to kill all your precious blacks and fags. Literal nonsense responses.

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Yeah, people being individuals with God-given rights, and authoritarian governments and discrimination and persecution and torture being wrong. What utter nonsense.

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Yes. I think you are correct, BUT we have passed the time to be civil. Like the other end is nuts.

You are male, right?

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The solution isn't to become nuts ourselves.

I am male unfortunately, why?

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Liberal? Democratic? Progressive?

The left has gone nuts. Political prosecutions, letting murders roam the streets, etc.

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And you think becoming the exact same way is going to solve anything?

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I don’t think I am above races. I think everyone has lost their mind.

Women are fucking slobs like me.

Blacks are beating Asians.

People defending themselves are going to jail for murder.

Also, it’s not safe to be unaware of black culture.

You can go into any other races culture in the US, and be fine. But everyone needs to be aware of black people.

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I suppose you have to be careful around "hood" types, which are predominantly black. But that doesn't justify racial segregation.

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Yea. Black children bring down the whole class room, the whole school. Until black people get their shit together, no Asian, no white, no Hispanic, should have to be forced to be around that kind of degeneracy.

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So let's not have such strict mandates aboit every single child going to school. If someone doesn't want to learn, they're out. Not an entire race collectively.

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I understand that a mandate by race is overly large.

But when you behave as one unit, you get that treatment.

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Not everyone does behave as one unit. Only leftists and BLM nuts.

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The only downside to not segregating is that boys and girls will get to know each other too well and realize that all the gender norms are bullshit. That's actually a good thing, but I know most people on this sub will strongly disagree.

Inequality of opportunity is always immoral. To say otherwise is to appoint yourself as a god.

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    If that were true, then why don't children follow them until they're conditioned to? People generally don't fully subscribe to gender norms until the teen years when peer pressure sets in. Before that, even what little they do follow is because it's what their parents taught them.

    Hormones do cause behavioral differences, but it's not what everyone thinks. It's not "boys like the color blue and sports and girls like pink and dresses".

    And if gender norms are so inherent in everyone, why the need to force people to conform to them? If that were true, wouldn't they be followed already? And if we do have to force them, what is the justification for doing so?

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    If true then why are asocial schizoids, autistés etc all super into gender norms, reject modernity embrace tradition, masculinity gurus, BRONZE AGE MINDSET MIGHT IS RIGHT stuff etc? That should be the neurotypicals if it's an external influence, yet it's the neurotypicals who have permed hair and painted nails while the people completely rejected by and who reject society are about traditional values, gender norms and such.

    It's the conformists (you) who are against gender norms, because the institutions, which you ironically pretend you're against with your lolbert shtick, are pushing this crap.

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    They're into gender norms because the trans agenda confuses them. "I don't like pink therefore I must really be a boy". It confuses most kids and plenty of adults, having autism makes one even more susceptible. I know almost no autists who believe in crap like "might is right", if anything it's the other way around.

    I am anything but a conformist. If you look in this very same thread another user responded to me with an entire essay ranting about me not being a conformist. And how could being against gender norms be conformist? Norms are a conformity.

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    I know almost no autists who believe in crap like "might is right"

    May I direct you to: the entirety of the online right wing, every single 'subculture'.

    I am anything but a conformist. If you look in this very same thread another user responded to me with an entire essay ranting about me not being a conformist. And how could being against gender norms be conformist? Norms are a conformity.

    You are a conformist to POWER, they are annoyed you aren't conforming to NATURE.

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    the entirety of the online right wing

    For the past 3 years only, and it's not autists.

    You are a conformist to POWER, they are annoyed you aren't conforming to NATURE.

    I won't conform to either because they're both evil. And in fact conforming to nature would cause one to also conform to power.

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    Inequality of opportunity is always immoral. To say otherwise is to appoint yourself as a god

    That doesn't make sense to me

    Judging from the posts here, the far-right shouldn't believe inequality to be immoral

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    Why should you be able to arbitrarily exalt and hinder people? If you don't want to be God, why do you want such control over people's very existences?

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    The belief that "it's immoral to have such control over other people's very existence" is a belief like any other. You "control" other people with this arbitrary morality. There's no reason why I shouldn't do the same

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    I seek to control people as little as possible in a world that fully controls us. All people can agree that they do not wish to be controlled or harmed by others, therefore they should not do the same to others. Wanting to arbitrarily control how people live their lives is Palpatine levels of evil. Actually it's worse, because at least Palpatine didn't care what people did as long as he got to be on the throne.

    My final goal is to get everyone out of this matrix once and for all, so this is no longer even a problem.

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    control people as little as possible

    Because you're unfit for civilization: for instance, you would be inept at controlling your children or students if you had any, and thus will only ever be a further contributor to social rot. What fools like you are remarkably adept at doing is taking the failures of people in late-modern societies and declaring them the failures of said societies full stop, rather than realizing that these failures only come about when individuals fail at being social. These problems are resolved by more society, not less.

    You're in the position of someone who, experiencing adverse side effects of a medication, decide that those adverse side effects will subside if you take more of it. 'Let us solve social rot by taking it to its natural conclusion, that is, let us dissolve society itself', says Vulptex.

    The inability for people to perform their social roles is part and parcel with today's civilizational decline and the growing social disharmony: people whinge and complain because of failed parents, failed teachers, failed law enforcement, failures all across the board. Instead of wishing to increase sociality, you further add to them by wishing to decrease sociality, in which case these failures will only further abound.

    in a world that fully controls us

    Nonsense. You can find the freedom from society that you seek out in the middle of nowhere. Who would be controlling you there? Out there, only natural forces will control you. Now your kind will, of course, feel that you are enslaved by them too. But there is nothing that you nor anyone else can do about them, and, ironically for your kind, society itself is what has freed Man the most from them. What you mean, of course, is that you wish not to be truly separated from society, but only to engage with it only on your own terms, that is, to become a parasite.

    All people can agree that they do not wish to be controlled

    Nonsense, and it is absolutely important for all the survival of all collectivities that certain individuals are adept at obeying, and that certain others are adept at controlling. Countless social problems are reducible to people failing to obey those who should control (e.g. children insisting that they know better than their parents, people rejecting medical advice), failing to control those who should obey (e.g. weak parents who pamper their own children), or obeying the wrong authority figures (e.g. idiots taking obvious anti-role models like Andrew Tate or 'Vaush' as role models). Nor is abolishing social groups, as you so desire, possible, since the existence of individuals is impossible without them. An individual only exists as a component of social groups, indeed, he owes his very existence to them, having no education, food nor much of anything else in their absence.

    Wanting to arbitrarily control how people live their lives is Palpatine levels of evil.

    This mindset is why you idiot Leftists (yes, you libe[retard]ians are absolutely part of the Left) are simply neo-barbarian, caveman types who crave the radical freedom that civilized men rightly discarded when they entered into societies. You're the most regressive people imaginable: you want to undo civilization itself, and all in the name of how nice it would be to experience something as worthless as an unprecedented level of equality and freedom. Neither of which matter to well-adjusted people who do not need anything more than the bare basics of freedom and who despise it when taken beyond them, and who despise equality in particular because the human detritus of the world gain from it wholly at their expense. Adherence to radical freedom and practically any form of equality is always a tacit admission of degeneracy.

    My final goal is to

    Destroy civilization and return Man to his natural state. Anything else that you might come up with is simply a rationalization of this obvious truth: namely, that you romanticize the hypothetical period in which Man had yet to subject himself to the authority of tribal chiefs and other authority figures, and wish to find some way to synthesize that negative freedom with those modern amenities that people of your ilk have become irreversibly reliant on, that is, to essentially be a high-tech savage. But that will never happen, since Man sacrificing much of his natural freedom to enter into society was necessary for the manufacture of all modern amenities, none of which would nor could exist without society.

    Moral men will always seek power, and there is no such thing as morality in power's absence. And if we get control of you, we will issue to your kind an ultimatum: obey us or begone. You had better hope thus that the immoral continue their rule over us all, as seems most likely, or else you will be on the losing end of a societal remoralization that will totally eradicate your worldview: the works of Rand, Rothbard and the rest of your kind will be as if they were never written. They will meet the fate that awaited most of Hirschfeld's.

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    No, groups cannot exist without individuals. Groups are imaginary social constructs like transgender. Groups are assembled from individuals, without them they could not exist. You, Darth Sidious, want to be God, that is abundantly clear, and you would not hesitate to use that power for selfish gain. A civilized people should not be so barbaric, and it is only a temporary solution until the waterwheel matrix is shut down. Indeed I don't want to be controlled by natural forces either, and in fact natural forces are what motivate people such as yourself to seek such immoral dominion. I've learned to hate everything that pertains to this world, even what seems good for a long time, because sooner or later it never fails to turn around and stab you in the back. The only solution is leaving reality itself; which when you think about it, it doesn't seem right that it exists in the first place.

    I must tolerate corrupt rule while I cannot help it, but I will never surrender. A civilized people should learn to maximize freedom and respect and care for each other. Not to beat and brainwash and enslave each other like wild animals. But unfortunately humans are wild animals who only care about themselves and power, so this is incredibly difficult. However in recent centuries we have been getting better, and now we're going to get worse again it seems. Your only justification for controlling everyone to such an absurd extent is pride and selfishness.

    You had better hope you get saved this time. If not you will have another life and it will not be pretty. Whatsoever you do to others will be done to you. Read Jesus, even if you don't believe in him he is the best philosopher in history by a longshot.

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    I wish I were a "god," then I could do whatever I want to other people

    ... selfishness

    I can only please one person per day and everyday I choose me

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    What if you could please yourself and other people? Or at the very least please yourself without harming others?

    This is the problem with reality.

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    What if you could please yourself and other people? Or at the very least please yourself without harming others?

    That wouldn't be interesting

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    I seek to control people as little as possible

    Not how morality works

    And how a far-right person can be against "controlling" other people is beyond me. You're confusing libertarianism with far-right or extreme supremacism

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    The term far right in the current western context is meaningless now. It's just Jewish terminology. It's a propaganda term used to marginalize and persecute perceived enemies, it's meaningless. Are all zionists far right? They practice extreme supremacism. Not in the modern context, because the term only applies to non Jewish whites because of who makes the definition.

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    Well, there you have it.

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    Why isn't inequality immoral? We should all be equal. Blacks can have their own countries and whites can have our own countries.

    Equality isn't forcing whites to work for blacks or to give blacks access to white societies. That is INEQUALITY. Why should whites be slaves for other races through taxation?