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Very cool. I'm going to pin the thread. I'll come back after I've watched.

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Controlled opposition

Ronald Keeva Unz was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 20, 1961,[6] to a Ukrainian-Jewish immigrant, and raised in a Yiddish-speaking household in North Hollywood.

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It's certainly possible that Unz website is simply used to track dissidents and keep them all on one site where they and their arguments can be monitored, and one has to be a little suspicious that his website hasnt been taken down, or that he even managed to get it off the ground to begin with before it being destroyed. The ADL was also suspiciously slow in going after unz, and to my knowledge hasnt really made a dent in his wealth, despite what amounted to public taunting by Unz. Taunting which could have been seen as a way to gain "street cred" in a preplanned public show.

Still, despite all of this he seems credible and his website is a good source of info. Surely not ALL Jews are fine with the destruction of the west and the complete unchecked power they have. There has to be at least a few ones like Unz, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt while retaining some healthy skepticism. Unz after all probably does help defuse actual anti-semitism by showing that hey not all of us are like that, and there has to be at least a few self aware Jews capable of understanding this.

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Oyveygoyim is a pedophile who supports the Taliban because Bacha Bazi boys give him big ol’ boners. Or they would if his penis wasn’t the size of a toothpick!

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Unz is, if nothing else, a great source of information

I learned of the book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years" from Unz which is a great book on the Jewish religion as a vicious "Jews above all else" cult. is essential reading if nothing else.