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It wasn't just 3rd world immigration. It was an age when blacks didn't dare misbehave.

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This was the real problem.

The 1950s were very good times in the USA. They spolit their kids, who grew up to be psychos and destroyed the trust based society which enabled them.

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I grew up in an all white, Christian small town in the 70s. Aside from some dirty hippie teachers, living in a high trust homogeneous society was like wearing a warm blanket. Nobody locked their front doors or cars. You could go anywhere anytime without fear. We had a yearly carnival and auction on the town green across from the stone church. I recently did a Google street view tour and it is almost exactly as I remember it. I even checked the local school websites and all I saw were white children and American flags. Part of me wishes I had not moved away, but I'm currently living in a historical village that is somewhat similar. But I am happy I spent my childhood there free of social media and porn. I can't imagine being a boy in 2023.

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It wasn't just small towns, the entire country has been transformed over night. It's a high crime, the quintessential example of "opening the gates to the enemy", and by the usual suspects. Both internally with desegregation and externally with Hart-(((Celler))). Traitors must... you know.

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The tree of liberty needs watering.

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This one chokes me up.

More Whites need to be shown what happened when South African and Rhodesian Whites lost control of the countries that they built. Most Western countries are on the precipice of that. When the boomer generation (~20%) are all dead in the next 12-18 years, things are going to get much worse.

Presently we're a majority in what were our countries and it's already acceptable to openly discriminate and assault Whites without repercussion. Laws only work with enforcement and our governments are hostile to us.

Example from almost 7 years ago

Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules