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I knew a lot of this way back in the 80s, long ago farmers would take there goods to town and barter, trade, swap with good they needed. Example, my grad mother would take eggs into town to trade for cloth or meat or what ever she deeded. Bartering I thing was the word but this is how people got the things back then when they had no money. In Germany it was quite common for a farmer to trade a cow for a wagon. Jews come into the game and my grand parents started seeing cash only on store front windows, jews would not except 2 dozen eggs for a spool of cloth. Jews was and still is in control and use guilt to get what they want.

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SS: tldr: so much fuckery must have been all hands on deck for world jewry

The contents of this essay are as follows:

(1) The 1930s Great Depression

(2) The US domestic gold seizures

(3) The 1934 Silver Purchase Act

(4) Citibank’s Great Chinese Gold Robbery

(5) The Worldwide Gold Robbery – The US FED

(6) The 1933 Jewish Declaration of War and Economic Boycott of Germany

(7) The Attempted 1933 Jewish Fascist Coup in America

(8) The Takeover of China

(9) Preparation for WWII against Germany

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Just read this article and the '33 coup article. Very good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I did not know that Mao kicked the Jews out. All I knew is that they influenced him early on. These articles are going to go in my mandatory reading folder for redpill newbies. The conditioning of the public for war against Germany was also fascinating.

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Quick question, do you know were the moderate Markimus went, he hasn't been online in a month, same with caspereoneverac?

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I'm sure they're still around. The content on DAR has been slowing down so I doubt they check in as frequently as they once did. They didn't inform me of any sabbaticals if that's what you're asking.