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Indians are the second largest ethnic group in America

Um, no they are not. It's Latinos and then African-Americans. If you counted ALL the asians they still wouldn't even be close, this is really fucking wrong, which is not surprising given you have not bothered to source this made up 'statistic'

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Yeah. I don't know where they got that.

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They are still completely subservient to Jews. Jewish elites seem to be comfortable with Indians serving as figureheads or nominally running bureaucracies they own or ultimately control, and I can't really think of any prominent Indians being cancelled for "anti-semitism", so they appear to know their place.

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and I can't really think of any prominent Indians being cancelled for "anti-semitism",

During WW2, there was a group of Indians who fought for the Axis. Their leader met with Hitler, and some of them made it as far as defending Normandy Beach.

If the Axis didn't lose, chances are India could have been turned into an alt-right ally with Chandra Bose as leader instead of Gandhi.

What's funny is that India is now clearly worse off when they sided with the British. The result for their hard work? Getting their nation split in two (i.e Pakistan).

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The revolutionary spirit in Indians is scarce, they will side with whatever portion of the status quo will let them climb the ladder of the current hierarchy. Bose is an exception to this rule, and in any case was a communist that believed in biological egalitarianism. I respect his actions though.

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I think Pakistan is a good bit less than a half.

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It actually broke apart twice.

The modern country of Bangladesh use to be called East Pakistan before they declared independence in 1971.

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I know, even combining Bangladesh and Pakistan, it isn't close to half of India.

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More or less accurate though I'd say that this would increase the opposition ordinary lemming whites have for the System, a woke Indian is a more obvious enemy than a woke Jew or race-traitor white.

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I agree. I've come across many legitimately based Indians online, and literally THE most J-woke people I've ever come across online were some Indians/Pakistanis living in the west. Sadly most of them didn't make aliyah from the old DAR sub to this one. Indians aren't really saddled with white guilt so they are less likely to be legitimate koolaide drinking cowardly shitlibs than middle class whites, but as you pointed out they seem to aggressively side with the status quo and whatever offers the path of least resistance to their career goals, which in the current timeline means ass kissing Jews.

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I think I'm the last jeet of DAR (and last non-white). TND in this community near-success. You're right about first-gen Indian immigrants not having white guilt and openly discussing jewish power (my dad read from The International Jew to me when I was 13 for instance), but I think the System has done a really really good job of indoctrinating the second generation (outside of a handful of us 'tists online). It's class related as well, I've noticed I can really get lower class niggers, spics, even whites on board but an Indian getting educated in an upper middle class school or college is probably a lost cause. Most upper class elite type Indians from India are also extremely difficult to convince. Wealth and fear of loss seems to be the biggest predictor of being able to sell someone on the JQ more than race or IQ.

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any time a jewish figure tweets about israel, a thousand pajeet account like and comment about how much they love and support israel

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Maybe you should leave your basement and meet some Indian people. They believe all the same antisemitic conspiracy theories you do.

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They believe all the same antisemitic conspiracy theories you do.

You mean factually accurate and logically consistent theories supported by mountains of evidence, statistics, and common sense. For instance the claim that Jews effectively control the media and entertainment industries in the US. You can call it "antisemitic" if you want, but it doesn't change the reality supported by everything from statistics to observations about the content these industries produce and the blacklisting of people who upset Jewish sensibilities.

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Yup. First it was the potato niggers, then the nigger niggers and now the curry niggers.

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Nepotism mania. Indians and other minorities give each sinecures, praise each other, circle the wagons, etc. all the stuff we would be crucified if we did, in our own countries. We cannot tolerate this any longer, if there's to be any affirmative action it must benefit us. Immigrants should only be allowed in to the extent they benefit the American people, i.e. very rarely and conditionally, temporarily.

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No we're about half the population of kikes. In any case Indians are wholly incapable of collective action or in-group preference, they will remain subservient to the Jews and race traitor whites at the top indefinitely. The only edge this really gives for WNs is that whites will have more collective disdain for Indians with power than the white passing Jews and race-traitor whites they serve, which slightly increases the opposition to the ruling class and their power structures.

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In any case Indians are wholly incapable of collective action or in-group preference

The Indians I went to college with congregated only with other Indians and formed cheating rings

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I've seen that with international students myself, doesn't really translate when it comes to real money and power from what I've seen. 1st gen immigrants def do prob have a significantly higher in-group preference when it comes to hiring though.

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Yes, I see this with the immigrants and the culturally Indian, not so much with ethnic Indians that grew up here and are relatively assimilated. Its among these software developers on visas and the international students

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They will split through class lines just line whites. The ones in college stick together as they are already all in similar class brackets or are aiming to be.

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Indians are far more segregated class wise to begin with, to the point that I never really even encountered or spoke to any lower class Indians till college. Socio-economically speaking, caste wise there are a decent amount of lower caste south Indians in the US but they're all upper middle class. Not the case with north Indians, I think IQ correlates better with caste over there.

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Indians are wholly incapable of collective action or in-group preference

Really? The Indians I knew were very nepotistic and collectivist for their ethnic group in business it seemed to me.

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That's limited to extended family/clan groups within 1-2 castes when it comes to business domination (mostly Patels in the US). The scope of it is also fairly limited which is why you only really see these people owning hotel and fast food franchises. There's also the preference for hiring of Indians by hiring managers of the same ethnicity, this is more from cultural compatibility and goes away within one generation of being raised locally. I would expect the current prevalence in certain sectors to reduce over time as immigration decreases and the next generations become more divorced from their origins along similar lines to how the Japanese-American community faded from existence in most of America.

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That's because so many large firms prefer employing them for a variety of reasons (virtuesignaling, lesser pay, NGO interferences)