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Yes, I support full Israeli independence. No more money from the US or Europe, not one dime. No more American wars fought for Israel, including the current conflict in Ukraine. No more blocking UN resolutions Israeli doesn't like. No more government censoring views in the west criticizing the independent state of Israel. No more funneling western tech jobs to Israel. No more tolerating Israeli spying on the US government and it's citizens. No more blocking investigations into Israel's treatment of Palestinians or the killing of US citizens such as the attack on the USS Liberty or the murder of numerous rights workers and journalists. No more allowing criminals to flee to Israel. No more ignoring the behavior of aggressive Israel lobbies and US Israel first traitors and launching full investigations into every significant action they have committed since Israel's existence. No passing laws preventing citizens and companies from boycotting Israel. No more tolerating Israel state sanctioned NGO's flooding Europe with refugees from wars fought by and for Israel.

This is what Israeli independence means, and what US and western independence from Israel means. I am all for ending Israeli parasitism of the US and severing any and all ties and forcing Israel to be independent. Is this what you want?

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Superb resolution! What's your view on Zionism as an ideology? Also, your view on the Madagascar plan?

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What's your view on Zionism as an ideology?

In theory I wouldn't have a problem with Jews having a homeland of their own. In practice there have been major problems. The first is that the place they call their traditional homeland was located in Palestine, and had been inhabited almost exclusively by non Jews for over a thousand years, mainly Arab Muslims and some Christians. This has led to ethnic cleansing and endless conflict, and diaspora Jews have inevitably dragged the west into this conflict and caused the most destructive wars of the post cold war era.

Another problem is that Jews almost universally seem to think they and they alone are entitled to an ethnically and religiously homogenous homeland, while Europeans that have the same views are relentlessly slandered and attacked by these same Jews for holding the same views about their own homelands.

Also it seems that a lot of Jews have this ingrained hatred of Europeans, and see Israel as an untouchable base of operations by which they can seek revenge against us, working in concert with diaspora Jews. Israel was a magnet for the most fanatical and misanthropic of Jews, and many of the most committed zionists don't seem to have any intention of simply living in peace among themselves. They continue meddling in European nations, in some cases out of hatred and paranoia, and in other cases in order to benefit Israel, usually to the detriment of people who live there in either case. I think there was a view that the creation of Israel would temper some of Jews neurosis, hostility and subversive tendencies, but it only seems to have made them worse. It's emboldened the most anti white and subversive among them.

Then finally there is the nuclear question. Israel has a lot of Nukes. I've seen estimates of over 400, and possibly even substantially higher. Such a high number makes it unlikely these nukes are meant solely as a deterrent to potential Arab invaders, but as potential offensive weapons and a Dr Strangelove style doomsday mechanism by which they can blackmail the world, something many Zionists have openly bragged about.

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1) Rightly said, Zionism was, is, and will be highly impractical, it's doomed to fail. Indeed, they had no legitimate claim to Palestine, they obviously didn't procure the land for the purpose of living in it. Their goal* is to amass wealth, absorb territory, and eliminate the original inhabitants.

2) Good catch. They never had a state of their own, but they cause the collapse of all other states. "State within a state" is somewhat misleading, it's more about dominating others than refusing to assimilate and claiming privileges (Sanhedrin 39a). Also, their religious conception is purely physicalist, one has the impression that the concept of a Hereafter was systematically eliminated from their sects, combined with threats of rejection calculated to keep them on their destructive path. It's easy to see how the exclusive affirmation of physical reality necessarily leads to world expansion and the cultivation of temporal values (conquest, glory).

3) There were observations from the ancients that the Jews alone remember why they practice their rites and customs, whereas their victims have long forgotten it. These customs were conceived in direct opposition to the rest of the world. There were indications that the old hatred between Germans and Jews was dying out in the early 20th century, but the feud was renewed by Zionists and anti-Semites. Both factions mutually benefit from each other's existence. They're locked in a perpetual stalemate, neither able to overcome the other.

In Christian terms, this is the relation between angels and daemons, neither can bring about a decisive resolution to their conflict, without the participation of humans. What is needed to intervene in the struggle between Zionists and anti-Semites is a new type of man who embodies steadfastness as a virtue.

I think there was a view that the creation of Israel would temper some of Jews neurosis, hostility and subversive tendencies, but it only seems to have made them worse.

I'd make a study of how American and British ambassadors conducted their interviews with Hitler. It illustrates their naivety sufficiently. They believed they could regulate the distribution of jews in influential positions.

4) Obviously they intend to use them against the Arabic world during a world war, when America can no longer be relied on and Europe lies in ruins. They'd prefer to die out with the old order they've become accustomed to, rather than assume responsibility for the mischief they caused. This mentality also characterized the Americans (blaming everything that is wrong with the world on Soviets) and Soviets (refer to Hitler's Table Talk, September 25, 1941 entry).

*It's important to differentiate between the a) mentality, b) instinct, and c) passions that lies behind their world domination aims. Ultimately, the goal is world annihilation. Dietrich Eckart perfectly captured their mentality, at the end of his diatribe Bolshevism: From Moses to Lenin (attributed to Hitler) and in an article The Earth-Centered Jew Lacks a Soul published by Rosenberg (erroneously attributed to Rosenberg).

a) "He must wear down all the rest of mankind, he persuades himself, in order to prepare a paradise on earth. He has made himself believe that only he is capable of this great task." They have a predilection for self-deception, obsessed by delusions and unreal ideas, no sense of proportion on world affairs.

I assure you that this mentality is not exclusive to their race. I've undergone it myself. The more cognizant they become about their role and purpose, the more knowledge they're burdened with, the more appealing dragging the rest of the world down with them becomes.

Only jews like Ludwig Borne and Isaiah Berlin, who have arrived at the realization that they cannot achieve their desired liberation without helping to raise Aryans from their degrading social conditions, and that the jewish question isn't the only cause in the world, are in a position to develop self-sufficiency.

Otto Weininger was one of the few jews recognized by Hitler for his decency. Regarding Judaism, Weininger pointed out that it entails both a worldwide distribution and proliferation of jews, in the vague hopes of giving birth to a world conqueror. The explanation for jews wishing to return to their host nations after repeatedly suffering expulsions is a dormant yearning.

b) "His nature compels him to that goal, even though he dimly realizes that he must thereby destroy himself." Here, it may be added that the worship of the intellect signals the decline of a state.

c) "This realization of the unconditional dependence of his own existence upon that of his victims appears to me to be the main cause for his hatred." There's nothing more shameful than a stunted growth.

I was obliged by circumstances to drop out of high school and give up on a graduation. As a result, I spent over a decade in confined to my household, in near total isolation from society. I get by partly by relying on parents and partly through governmental aid. And as an intellectual, it's impossible for me to identify with the bourgeois masses.

Btw I sent you a DM asking about Hitler. I'd like to hear your thoughts on him and his impact on the Aryan people.

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Also, your view on the Madagascar plan?

Don't know much about it. It's kind of irrelevant at this point. Jews have no intention of leaving Israel/Palestine and would sooner cause a global nuclear Armageddon then give it up.

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I support our independence from Israelis.

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Yes, Israel belongs to white christians, not the current wolves in sheeps clothing deceiving the world about their false identity.

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Only on 3 conditions:

  1. They stay behind the 1967 borders

  2. They give up their nukes

  3. They stop influencing U.S foreign policy, including the billions of free dollars

If they do all that, no one would mind them.

Edit: In reference to point #2, if they agree to disarm I would support an international agreement to stop another country from invading them. Just to prevent another Ukraine scenario from breaking out.

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I personally say no, we should put King Tut in charge.