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Growing up in rural white America, the adults listened to a wide variety of rock bands, like Metallica, Megadeth, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, White Zombie, stuff like that. There was a lot of country too, like Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Johnny Cash, though I never really liked country music. The kids listened to older music like Misfits, Siouxsie, Ministry, Joy Division, and also listened to a lot of relatively newer stuff like Slipknot, Disturbed, A7V, Korn, Limp Bizkit, FFDP, and System of a Down. The weirdos listened to Paramore, MCR, KMFDM, PATD, and Taking Back Sunday. The real niggas listened to stuff like God Module, Suicide Commando, Die Krupps, Flesh Field, Eisbrecher, and Grendel. In hindsight, a lot of it wasn't particularly good, but I do feel some nostalgia coming across something I heard a lot in my childhood. Personally, I think the end of the 2000s marked the end of explicitly white music genres, and initiated the force-feeding of black music upon American whites.

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Pretty much everything you mentioned is heavy black influenced.

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If heavy metal was made by black people they obviously suck at it.

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Right, that's the problem. Too much nigger music in America. Do you any non-nigger music you like?

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Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit,

I feel like these bands were only ever popular because of they were pushed by jewish viacom. That decade was still controlled by the now defunct MTV.

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Probably, yeah. Most of these bands were pushed hard by MTV, as you said, even the ones from the 80s. I stand by my original position though, music stopped being explicitly white by the end of the 2000s. Say what you want about them but could you see guys like Korn of Limp Bizkit blowing up in today's America?

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blowing up in today's America

No. Not black or gay enough.

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There is rock and roll that is still dominated by whites even though niggers try to take credit for it. Country music and classical music will always be white dominated, so there still would be diversity of genres.

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Nigs think they incented everything

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Niggers invented rock, remember, lol.

A lot of electronic music is also still very white.

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There's still some cool country-ish music coming out. I fucking hate (modern) nigger music so bad. I like the Delta Blues.

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You think something called "blues" is white music?

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Modern nigger music keeps getting worse. I listened to it as a kid in the 90's, but the stuff they produce today is so gross. Remember lizzo and cardi b?

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Make sure when you listen to country music that it has no banjo. That is based on an instrument invented by North American Slaves in the 1700's that was based on an instrument from Africa.

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Negroes plucked strings before the Europeans arrived?

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Yes. Stringed instruments probably developed independently in Europe and Africa. The evolution of the banjo is an example of stringed instruments originating in Africa.

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Stringed instruments probably developed independently in Europe and Africa.

Probably neither. A more likely scenario is that stringed instruments originated in the fertile crescent and the technology traveled west into Africa and north into europe.

In any case, I'm not opposed whites enjoying black music. I dont turn off the radio when they play Hendrix or even a good Eminem song. The problem is that modern black music has morphed into lizzo and white imitators.

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"Why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes? A Black man invented the lightbulb, not a white guy named Edison.”

-President of The United States of America

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Oh, man. I'm gonna have to abandon my entire ideology because black people did something I enjoy.

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Right? That's the point I was making, given OP's original text before he changed it.

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given OP's original text before he changed it.

I did not change this post.

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The asterisk says otherwise.

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I made an immaterial edit within a few seconds of the original submission. You replied to what is currently posted.

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My apologies if I mistook another's comment for yours, then.

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Goth, Post-Punk, industrial, aggrotech, and marital industrial.

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I think the big issue with shitty, degenerate negroid music is that it's pushed very hard. There's plenty of songs by Whites that have abhorrent messages/lyrics but for the most part, they're not meant to actually inspire people to commit the acts described (in fact often the opposite), and the few that are are widely feared and ostracized by society (I don't think Mayhem is mainstream anywhere, nor is it supposed to be) whereas a lot of rap not only glorifies and revels in criminality but also is incredibly popular and mainstream.

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but also is incredibly popular and mainstream.

Exactly, black music or black inspired white music is what the vast majority listen to.

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Funny you mention music. I feel like my music taste is pretty fucking weird that I never mention music to other people. For example I quite like some anime music such as this. I wonder if its the music climate or something else but I hate the current popular music.

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I never understood music purity spiraling, and I say that as an extreme metal elitist. In 90% cases there is nothing wrong with modern songs in terms of degeneracy-promotion, it's the artists who are degenerate. It's a shitty music, sure, but they don't promote degeneracy for the most part, so I don't get the obsession. One can appreciate heroic and testosteroneous riffs of Amon Amarth despite them signaling they're not racist or homophobic on every single occasion.

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the lyrics are degenrate as fuck too, though.

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What are your thoughts on musical performer influence on youth? Bother u at all?

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Yes of course, I'm just saying that the influence of "degenerate music" is largely overstated, but I also think the influence of celebs is largely collapsing in a sense that nobody cares what Lady Gaga says or does anymore, her political/societal influence is being outsourced to more niche personas, i.e. John Oliver, Jon Stewart, et. al.