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*sigh*, Der Ewige Konservativ. Holocaust is the core part of modern man's morality and it needs to be dismantled all in and out. Every moral dilemma a modern European man has boils down to "what would Hitler think of this?". I witnessed it first-hand countless times, there is no way of avoiding this, it is how it is, and anybody saying anything otherwise is either still somewhat ignorant or is completely acting in bad faith.

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U dont have to avoid it. Especially if you’re from an anglo country. You say yeah we saved you from the Nazis and gifted you an ethnostate, and you repaid us by slandering, exploiting and replacing us in our own nations.

Also, 80 million people died in WW2. Over 90% werent Jewish, so quit expecting us to ignore all those other deaths and obsess only about Jews, and while you’re at it how about an apology for your oversized contribution to communist atrocities, which massively outnumbers your (obviously exaggerated) ww2 claims.

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SS: Wallace says relitigating WWII and Hitler is death for a movement. I'm not so sure, when the MOST prominent Jews in the world ALWAYS preface everything with "as descendants of HOLOCAUST survivors" I get to do whatever I want with impunity... I'm sorry but your alleged victimhood status does not negate my rights.

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I don't really think Nick would've ever done anything of note if he didn't fall into this, he was irrelevant until the moment he started collaborating with Ye whether Hitler is involved or not. This guy seems overly concerned with "branding" and "movements" that go nowhere. Nick as the voice in the ear of one of the most successful musicians of the Jewish golden age is probably the best he could hope for.

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    Seems big relative to others in these circles but 100K followers is a dime a dozen when it comes to social media influence. Ye was introduced to him through a chain of people irl not really his online stuff. Probably a good amount of luck/divine provenance there too.

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    Heil Yedolf!

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    "Surely this will be the end of Nick this time!"

    If you don't get it at this point that Nick is the only guy in this movement with talent and an upward trajectory, you're hopeless.

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    He was just crabbing like the rest of the movement til this big break tbh. Definitely skyrocketed these last several weeks though.