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On one hand, I was never a fan of Christianity, and see it as just as much as a Middle Eastern invasion as Judaism and Islam are.

But on the other, it's obvious that whatever else will fill the vacuum could be much, much worse and lead to further cultural rot.

I honestly wish Europe had stuck to its own native religions instead of having to rely on these forced imported ones.

Or even better, create a new religion that supports blood and soil, like what Ben Klassen did.

You can't "create a new religion". A true religion can be revealed by a Prophet from God, but not invented. Following an invented religion which everyone believes to be invented is just stupid LARP. I have more respect for atheists than pagan LARPers.

Also, no one forced Christianity on England. The Anglo-Saxon kings were willingly converted to Christianity by Christian monks, beginning with King Ethelbert of Kent who converted shortly after Augustine of Canterbury's mission arrived in 597. And regardless if you are a Christian or not, it's obvious that Christianity had a positive influence on many aspects of civilization, especially when it came to family life, regulating sexuality, and keeping a check on social violence. Ever since Christianity has been overtaken by its heretical grandchildren like Liberalism and Communism, Western civilization has gone to shit.

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Interesting how most of the things you mentioned Christianity doing are not found anywhere in the Bible. Even the sexual rules mostly turn out to be mistranslations or misinterpretations.

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At some point the LARP becomes real. Christianity was a unpopular desert cult that only became successful because a Roman emperor forced it upon its subjects and the peoples they conquered. The council of Nicaea is the ultimate LARP of a bunch of people convening around what books would be curated into what is called the bible. The people that create the religion are faking it while it is real for the followers.

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I myself reject the Nicene Creed and consider it to be theological corruption, but yes, a religion can still "work" if only a handful of people know that the creed is fake while the rest of society genuinely believes in the religion without knowing or caring about the fine points of theology and any possible corruption that might have taken place. But it's pretty much impossible for a phenomenon like that to exist in the modern world.

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Christianity was a cult based on Greek philosophy and popular around the Mediterranean, not in the desert.

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But the replacement theory is just a silly conspiracy theory...

Israel isn't allies with anyone. They are enemy #1 for every country in the world. Filthy human cockroaches.

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England is the mother of the Great Whore and this calamity was only a matter of time, it is not at all surprising. The poor Queen (bless her soul) has dodged a bullet by passing before the madhouse is finally set on fire.

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    More like a gang of whores and abominations of all kinds.

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      For a good place for a starting point, of how our struggle today connects to paganism, I recommend two great books:

      Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman by Savitri Devi (no English translation is on sale that I know of but it’s available online)

      On Being A Pagan by Alain de Benoist

      These works both are metapolitical and try to articulate a pagan ethos.

      Here in the US, Asatru Folk Assembly has basically absorbed a broad landscape of folkish, nationalist and reactionary pagan groups. They are international and have some overseas chapters. People agree and disagree with different things they do but most everyone I know considers them honorable and serious at what they do.

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      and the ones I've looked into seem to be just as universalist and pro-globohomo as modern Christianity is.

      Asatru Folk Assembly and Rune Gild

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      I mean, I kind of had a Klassen reaction to this when I saw it earlier. Islam has not grown exponentially, which is good because if we keep it under control, the Muslim birth rate alone won’t flood out the true British. It is probably more important for European countries that Islam stays weak than that European religions strengthen.

      Secularism grew and that seems like it is only more people being honest with themselves that they don’t really care about their nominal churches. The problem with the UK is they saw how close the BNP came to reaching the mainstream in the 2000s and are trying to annihilate any free expression once and for all. When I first considered identifying as secular during that period, one of the first consequences was I lost all guilt about expressing our ideas - but people still have to know the ideas to endorse them.