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"Ever wondered why the media cancelled Kanye West but not Epstein?"

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Debate with a leftist? Why are you participating in an effort of futility?

It's best to pretend they don't exist, that makes them the most angry.

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Anything they talk about just point out how that problem is caused by jews, literally everything that everyone hates regardless of political persuasion is a jewish-caused problem. No point bickering over irrelevant shit, just keep focused solely on power.

You need to make sure you know your shit though, if you spend all your time looking into completely inconqsequential shit like crime stats and stuff instead of the ADL, donors to political parties, hollywood, music industry etc etc you're not going to be equipped with the correct weapons.

And remember the golden rule: Agree and Amplify. Agree with whatever they're saying, and relate it back to jews. When they accuse you of anything agree with them, and relate it back to jews.

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That Disney movie bothers you? Me too. I agree. Do you know who (((Bob Iger))) is? Apparently he helped raise funds for both political parties and considered running for president. Imagine the CEO of Disney running the country.

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I'd let Walt Disney run the country.

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    I don't think talking online where you're surrounded on every side by shills, bots, and jews is the same as family members face to face.

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    What are some major points that you'd hit?

    I am pretty knowledgeable on jewish power, but I'm curious which point you think are most effective.

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    I just let the libtard lead and explain how the things they're complaining about are jewish.

    The documentary by Al Jazeera where they infiltrated jewish groups in the UK and US is a good one. Donours to both parties ofc. Blackrock and Vanguard owning 5-10% of every company, monopolising housing etc is also a good one. I forgot the specifics but OANN was owned by like Viacom or AT&T or something, this is damning for the kosher sandwich. I'd just focus on showing how what they hate is jewish, and it's in collaboration with the things they like which proves kosher sandwich/finkelthink stuff.

    Associate everything they hate with the things they think they like but don't like directly attack them for it. Just be like yep OANN is owned by the same company that runs CNN, it's all just a fucking farce bla bla bla, this way you're not just like calling them stupid directly and arguing with them.

    I have done this with the political libtards I know and it didn't evolve into arguments, they didn't become redpilled either tho. I don't really think discussing this stuff is useful unless the person is almost apolitical and just mad about one issue or something

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    As if evidence will sway them.

    Only meaningful thing anyone can do is watch these jackasses squirm as they try to reconcile their cognitive dissonance by trying to make sense of all the shit that they believe that contradicts the other shit that they believe.

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    You'll have to be the bigger man and not engage as the lone or minority dissenter. Enjoying time spent with family is a lot more important than winning some political debate.

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    Great link, thanks!