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These kinds of posts make up like 90% of /pol/ and /k/, which definitely lends credence to this idea. The amount of shills and bots on those boards are absolutely insane.

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    It was pretty bad even a couple years back but it's so much worse now. They spam demoralization there because they know that it works, at least on some people, and idiots on /pol/ feed them and keep them coming back for more.

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    It works, until someone points it out to you

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    Not like the good days of the Zimmerman case threads

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    /k/ does political shilling? I thought they just posted like prepper and gun kinda shit, never been there though

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    /k/ has always had some level of partisan shilling but these days its basically 90% Ukraine threads. Shills and people pretending to be shills to piss people off make up a shocking number of posters on the board. Not to mention more typical leftist shills.

    /k/ has long been in the crosshairs of leftypol and their ilk, and there's screenshots of posts there specifically namedropping /k/ as a shilling target. 4chan in general is just so easy to astroturf and bot because the greatest asset to 4chan, the semi-anonymity and "almost anything goes" attitude and culture, is also a massive vulnerability.

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    Most of you know I'm far from alt right, but I can totally believe this. I've seen controlled opposition so many times before, both toward others and myself. It's a very powerful weapon.

    I would say most of them are just trolls, but some probably are intentionally trying to smear their opponent.

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    Most IRL nationalists I’ve met are very at peace with themselves, particularly if they’ve managed to be part of a functioning group. I know I’m seldom more Zen than when I’ve been pumping iron to TRS. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of these posters are shills but even if they were sincere, they’d be doing it wrong. Conflict stirring, needing a tiny denomination you claim, racial slurs for their own sake is for people who take their cues from things like (((American History X))), not serious actors.

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      I call people faggots, jews etc all the time that's not what is being discussed. It's the weird over the top stuff that feels really forced/fake. You know it when you see it, trust me.

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        Lol nah it's just something I've seen a lot and I saw some guy doing it on Telegram today. He was doing the bit about how Kanye is just a stupid (every slur for black people you can think of x100) and how him and the jews' current feud will have no positive effects on the masses for us, how it's more important to just hate all black people than it is to spread jew awareness etc. His messages were all just him telling people to kill themselves and spamming slurs, it's very clear people like that are either extremely dumb and unhinged or they're doing the wojak meme where they're wearing a Fellow Nazi mask but it's a jew behind the mask.

        I think based on the fact that I've never met a person who acts that erratic and crazy irl that it's just a shill tactic online where jews are trying to blend in and seem like they're one of us by trying to mimic our kind of banter but they go too over the top with it. You notice it as well when they'll use our memes out of context.

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        how it's more important to just hate all black people than it is to spread jew awareness etc.

        this is like all of twitter rn I fucking hate the so-called "dissident" right scene there

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        I've noticed that most people who spam racism against blacks are just jews. At least when it's out of context. They do love their d&c.

        That's not to say that blacks are wonderful because they aren't but they are not really an issue. They're an issue because we don't hold power.