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Canada is easily the most cucked country in the world.

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Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

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Yep, Germany is the only non Anglo country for obvious reasons. I wonder what they would be like today if not for Nazi guilt considering they had such a strong nationalist culture.

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By the way, 500,000 immigrants is half of what the USA admits a year. Yet Canada has a much smaller population than the USA (38 million vs 331 million). It's total demographic replacement.

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What is the reaction in Canada, do people even care?

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All the left leaning parties (Liberal,NDP,Greens) are completely on board with it and they will call you racist for not cranking it up even higher.

The Conservatives are also pro-immigration, although they would rather maintain the status quo instead of pumping those numbers up.

The Bloc Quebecois are the only mainstream party with a shred of nationalism. Going as far as to call out the dangers of multiculturalism. Unfortunately, because they're based in one province only (Quebec) they can never control government. They basically act as a spoiler, taking away potential votes from the Liberals.

There's also the PPC, which is ran by a former Conservative candidate. They lean Libertarian, but they're the only true Conservative party to call for reducing immigration (although not outright banning it).

As for what Canadians think? Well, consider the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been elected 3 times (2015, 2019 & 2021). So he's been able to push his agenda through for almost a complete decade unopposed.

As for the opposition? Well, even if the Conservatives were to win, they would prefer to maintain the status quo and make no attempt at stopping the replacement. So it's a dire situation all around.

The only hope is for some kind of secessionism to take place. Quebec being the first and perhaps most realistic to happen. Since they would rather keep their French culture, than get absorbed into a Neo-Brazil hellscape.

Alberta (our Conservative version of Texas) could also try and push for independence, but unless America annexes them as a new state, they would be completely landlocked with no sea access. Another Rhodesia would happen and they would be forced to surrender.

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I looked on twitter and seen a lot of support for it and even conservatives against it showed just moderate criticism rather than radical rejection of this treasonous policy.

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"conservatives" in many countries are essentially just the last election cycle's liberals, and this includes America to a slightly lesser extent. There are very few actually conservative, and almost no reactionary, parties in Europe, at least in terms of those that are mainstream and have more than a handful of members and voters.

Of course, this changes significantly in Eastern Europe. Russia's Liberal democratic party has elements that are highly nationalist and want to restore the Romanov dynasty, lol.

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Polls in Alberta showed that if it was an American state, it would have been overwhelmingly pro-Clinton in 2016. I'm not sure about how they would have voted in the 2020 election, but Canada is Left-liberal enough that Albertan 'conservatism' is probably significantly closer to the Biden Democrats than to the Trumplicans.

Likewise, the CPC is probably closer to the Biden Democrats than to either side of the GOP. The CPC is noticeably more pozzed than the Republicans, where a narrow majority still oppose in 2022, for instance, fag marriage. Whereas nowhere near a majority of CPC voters would oppose that, and probably haven't for well over a decade.

I don't picture Turdeau, Trudope, Truvada or whatever that worthless imbecile is currently being called, leaving power unless the LPC does him in, in which case it is unlikely that his replacement will be any improvement. Canada has already reached the point which the Democrats are trying to reach in America, i.e. altering the demographics enough to ensure that they can maintain a sort of 'electoral dictatorship' or dominant-party state on the Federal (and eventually elsewhere) level.

Basically, so long as you have a large number of nonwhites and then make everything about 'racism', you will have a voting bloc that will always be yours (because they fear Whites collectivizing more than they fear inflation or anything else that ranks highly on voter's concerns) unless someone even more 'anti-racist' appears to your Left or unless an ethnic party forms, and even in the case of the latter, you will only really lose voters of that ethnic group, e.g. Muslims to a party like Denk in the Netherlands or that new party in Sweden, groups which appear when multiracialism becomes sufficiently entrenched, leaving you with all of the rest. In America it seems very likely to me that an explicitly black party will appear at some stage (in which case they'll be competing chiefly with the Democrats), but all attempts to do this haven't yet amounted to anything.

This is probably because the Democrats have so far been able to keep up with their increasingly ridiculous demands for 'free this' and 'free that', but their demands grow increasingly absurd, and it is difficult to see how the Democrats can continue to cater to all this nonsense without going in the direction that leads them to lose more centrist politicians like Gabbard and Yang.

And being stuck with Leftist Democrats and/or nonwhites isn't the best position to be in: some nonwhite groups might end up being kicked out of the 'people of colour' coalition for being 'too White' or 'too oppressive', or form their own ethnic parties and thus increasingly go their own way. Nor can nonwhites always be trusted to support White Leftists, the latter of whom will be increasingly marginalized within their own party since they are, at the end of the day, still White and thus part of the group that Leftist politics tells everyone is 'bad', as well as slowly becoming minoritized as plenty of younger nonwhite politicians flood in.

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How is Alberta like Texas?

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The entire province votes Conservative every federal election and is seen as a stronghold. They're heavily supportive of gun rights, especially as they challenge the current Trudeau buyback scheme. Economy wise, they're oil rich. They also view themselves as a "country within a country" with Alberta even sending its own diplomats to foreign countries.

Assuming you're not trolling, it is a fair comparison.

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Are they socially conservative like Texas is at all?

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No, they're total communists who lick the feet of Liberals who walk by them. /s

Compared to the rest of Canada, they're more likely to call out, if not, straight up ban material that pushes the far-left agenda.

This is also the same province that gave us Stephen Harper. Our last Conservative Prime Minister who also helped found the Reform Party (which was strictly opposed to gay marriage and wanting to reduce our immigration numbers).

And Mr. Harper was based. He wasn't afraid to call out Islam and terrorism.

If he didn't lose the 2015 election to Trudeau, Canada would have been in a much better place right now.

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Unfortunately, those numbers will be depressed because of shifting demographics and Liberalism rewriting our history.

For example, after the George Floyd protests, we saw a wave of monuments and churches being destroyed, yet such a thing was rare or unheard of 10 years ago.

The brainwashing is real, but anyone who tries to speak up or voice dissent are labeled as racist and are at risk of losing their jobs.

The current Conservative Party also supports gay marriage, but it's once again, to avoid political suicide. I wish it wasn't like that, but the only other solution is if Canadians rejected democracy and declared the government illegitimate.

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    I always find surprising how countries like the US, Canada, Uk and Australia can have such high numbers without a minimal reaction from the population. It's like theu're living in a different reality from other european countries.

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    It's a mix of ignorance versus true believers.

    A lot of Canadians who live away from the mega cities like Toronto or Vancouver are unlikely to interact with immigrants.

    But then you you do have other Canadians who are brainwashed into believing "one race, the human race" "diversity is our strength" or more commonly "they do the jobs you wont do".

    It's a downward spiral however, since many non-white immigrants stop assimilating and turn into colonizers. For example, there are entire cities in Canada that speak neither English or French. They can be classified as Neo-China or Neo-India.

    They can also introduce radical beliefs. The largest pre-9/11 air attack was actually against Canada, and it was committed by Indians.

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    One of the most popular regional radio shows in my area used to broadcast in the 90s/early 2000s about immigration, to the point of getting people to show up at city halls, troll call local politicians and actually to some degree, show up. People loved it and would tune in religiously. I still have fond memories of my Mom driving me home from middle school and listening to them troll some Chicano activist by saying “how it was time to impound the clown cars and send them back.”

    A lot of it is moral cowardice. That same show had a minor spat with a black activist, got woke and has not touched anything resembling the racial angle since. Last I listened to them, I almost called in to curse them out because they were talking about all the type of (implicitly white/native born) workers who don’t actually deserve their jobs, like the good cuckservative traitors they decided they’d rather be.

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    This isn't even replacement immigration anymore. Its open genocide.