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As Spengler said, the west is in decline, and Eurasia is the only hope for us.

Utter nonsense. This just sounds like a Jewish cope. I don't know anything about Spengler and dont much care, but the second half of that statement just seems bizarre. Populism is still rising in Western Europe despite all attempts by global jewry to suppress it, as the latest election in Italy shows. You will most likely see a rapid domino effect at some point where Jew controlled neoliberal governments fall in rapid succession. You probably wont have much warning before this happens. It'll just reach a breaking point where people get completely fed up and more and more people stick their necks out to change things because it'll be obvious that to do nothing is even more dangerous.

Without Russia, and without Eurasianism, Christendom is over. Right now, Russia is the only counterweight against western culture and degeneracy. Without them, there will literally be no possible state level opposition to the western order and atlanticism. No funding and support for separatist movements.

Again, this just seems like a Jewish cope to me. A desire for Russia/Ukraine to be some decisive battle that finishes whites off forever, which may be why they are so obsessed with Ukraine and why you are here peddling this notion moishe. I doubt Russia will lose unless the neocons manage to off Putin, and even then its hard to say what would come next, but its still largely irrelevant. Russia is not some savior of the west. At best it is simply an enemy of an enemy, and to the extent it matters, its that it weakens a common enemy, as it is undoubtedly doing right now as the neocons risk severely damaging western economies in this fight, thereby helping set the stage for the previously mentioned rapid domino effect of neoliberal governments being replaced by right wing populists in Europe.

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I don't know anything about Spengler and dont much care,

All Spengler really did was summarize prevailing perceptions, no different from journalists. Spengler and his contemporary Toynbee merely represented the lack of idealism of their times. They inaugurated no new ideas, offered no working solutions. So why give them any attention? Nobody in their right mind regards Spengler as an authority.

Spengler was explicitly rejected by Hitler in his May 1, 1935 speech. Spengler's fatal defect was that he neglected to take unpredictability into account, he was unwilling to admit that chance plays a part in our lives.

Nikolai Trubetskoi, who rose up against Spengler's brand of Eurasianism, demonstrates a superior grasp for nationalism in his works (i.e. The Legacy of Genghis Khan). Fascist Otto Dickel also furnished a counterweight for Spengler's pessimism. Even John Lukacs, a conservative Jewish historian, points out in his book Historical Consciousness that a history of Eurasia would be utterly meaningless. His criticism for Spengler and Toynbee was that they were unable to give an account of their nation's histories and instead drew comparisons between them and failed ancient models.

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Utter nonsense. This just sounds like a Jewish cope.

Its not nonsense. Not when you understand the Global balance of power. Mackinders Heartland theory is that the island nations (which are seapowers) have to prevent the integration of the continental nations (which are landpowers), otherwise they will lose their hegemony. This was the strategy followed by Britain in WW1 and WW2: They ignited a war between the great landpowers of Germany and Russia.

After Britain went into decline, America took up the mantle as the great seapower of the world. They have been following the Mackinder strategy since the end of WW2. They see a great danger in the alliance between Europe, Russia, and China. The Americans are trying to prevent the emergence of a Eurasian superpower by igniting wars.

Populism is still rising in Western Europe despite all attempts by global jewry to suppress it

There are encouraging trends in this direction, but its happening at an agonisingly slow pace. In all likelihood, this political shift will not (by itself) be enough to save Europe.

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Russia doesn't need to be Eurasianist. They should embrace Russo-Eurpanism and if they did they would easily establish a Russo-European Empire over West in the near future with huge support from European nationalists. Imagine them forming a new "International" that markets to nationalist revolutionaries rather than leftist trash? Instead they combat the West with 3rd wordlist propaganda. Russia's propaganda against the West doesn't target it as a potential liberator but as a hostile outer enemy.

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The Europe issue is complicated in Russia because, politically and historically, being "pro-Europe" basically means supporting liberalism and anti-Russian geopolitical goals. It would be a lot easier to see shifts in Russian attitudes to Europe if and when Europe stops being liberal.

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Russia should considered it its destiny to destroy the liberal West and rebirth a new era of European civilization.

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Without Eurasianism Russia will balkanize and become a weak country easily controlled by foreign powers (Atlanticists and China).

Eurasianism under a common Orthodox identity is the glue which holds Russia together, and is the only alternative to western globalism.

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You've posted a bunch of nonsense.

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I don't agree. I personally support Russia, but it's better for Europe to gain power as a third pole between Russia and America.

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Ideally, it would be best to have Europe, Russia and America form a single polity on the basis of genuine, organic European principles. There is not much point in discussing that now, though, because without major changes in circumstances that would be very unlikely and utopian.

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Ideally, it would be best to have Europe, Russia and America form a single polity on the basis of genuine, organic European principles.

That would be my dream come true. I’d love to see a plausible alt-history where that came about.

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Purely as a thought experiment, I suppose the simplest way would have been for the German Bund to somehow take control of the US, join the Second World War on the side of Germany, and then form a political union with it afterwards. Any other immediately conceivable scenario would require at least one more additional world war.

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Although I have had my own doubts about Putin in the past, we’ve seen the ZOG’s unwavering support for Ukraine. Stop engaging with anti-Russians within the dissident right. Any Ukraine shills should be ignored. Even considering their talking points weakens the true right.

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Is there a term for "false flag" posts that aim to discredit their own position and the people who hold that position by method of association? This posts seems like a textbook example - the Courbeaux NazBol alt guy does the same thing. It would be convenient to have a single term to describe this phenomenon. Perhaps you can help, /u/Markimus? Have you seen any useful term for this before?

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I guess you could consider it a form of concern trolling, I don't know specifically what people call this kind of concern trolling though. But yeah, the demoralisation eeyoreposting stuff is pretty common as you said, you always get a weird vibe from them like they're using 'our' words wrong and stuff lol.

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The demoralisation angle isn't the most interesting in my opinion, it's rather the weird attempt at distortion/warping of discourse. Guys like this deliberately act as if the people they are addressing hold a weirder version of their own views than they do. Take for example being isolationist or pro-Russia in regard to the Russia issue - I've never seen anyone even on the pro-Russian side suggest that the world is lost without Russia and that a lack of sympathy for Russia among Western right wingers is some sort of cosmic tragedy. We are talking about Russia - a nominally independent, anti-NATO liberal democracy - not some kind of Hyperborean Imperivm or anything like that. Trolls like these basically take a reasonable opinion they see in dissident discourse, create an artificial, bad version of it, then try to peddle it to dissidents in order to polarise people and make them either embrace the opposite view or the artificially bad version of the original view.

I might be schizoposting here, but it feels like I have been seeing this phenomenon a lot lately. It's a kind of trolling where the troll LARPs as a dumb version of the dissident he is addressing in order to affect the perception of various dissident positions both on the individual and collective level, to discredit certain dissident positions, and to increase polarisation among dissidents. I don't know how effective this type of trolling is, but it is definitely very annoying.

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Yeah the weird strawman thing is retarded and a result of them thinking the 'duginist nazbols think russia is the fourth reich' thing is an accurate description of the anti-NATO position. I've noticed it too on our board, it's prolly just a bunch of Salos alts doing his typical retard shit.

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Right now, Russia is the only counterweight against western culture and degeneracy.

Conflating Western culture with degeneracy... you're saying that the cultivation of the arts in the West is an act of degeneracy. Very confused thought!

Russia could only be seen as the ultimate counterweight against Western civilization (that is, artificially designed societies with artificial values and alien laws, i.e. Judaized, mechanized) if it linked up with Germany and its intelligentsia was predominantly Nordic.

For a historical example of defending Western culture, Hitler points to Alexander the Great. By founding the city of Alexandria, he provided the conditions for artists and scientists to prosper. He indicated it was a balancing act between Greek/heroic spirit and Western industrialized societies which broke the advance of barbaric Asiatism. That was the secret to his movement, reconciling agriculture and industrialization.

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Russia's PR is a mess. Westerners are being bombarded images showing drunk Russians falling down or their soldiers being given rusted Ak47s all over social media.

It's like Vietnam when the media began sending back TV reels covering the ugliest parts of the war, with no real positives for being shipped overseas.

I'm sorry, but that fault is on Putin. He has the entire world watching his speeches, but instead of bringing up the things you say (i.e western degeneracy) he's going on boomer and schizo rants of calling people "nazis".