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I just hope for this war to be over. I support the Russian side but I hate seeing Whites kill one another like this in general

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I hate it too. It sucks that western Ukrainians are so blinkered with faux-nationalism that even their ‘nazis’ would willingly serve a coke addled, American backed Jewish president just to stick it to the Russians.

White, Slavic, Orthodox Christians killing their White, Slavic, Orthodox Christian neighbours for what? The glory of Ukraine? Ukraine is now a failed state because of their actions.

If only Putin had intervened in 2014 to stop the cia maiden coup, a lot of bloodshed could have been averted. But hindsight is 50-50 as they say.

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Despite the CIA support towards the 2014 coup, the alternative for natives wasn't much better. They would have remained slaves to a soviet era corrupted system controlled by FSB.

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It is far better for your nation to be allied with Russia vs US/EU. The closer you get to the West the gayer and browner your nation becomes

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Unfortunately, I think the war will probably stretch on for at least another year and will likely result in tremendous destruction in Ukraine, unless something unexpected happens. It is really quite lamentable, especially because there's no real reason for this war. All of the destruction in Ukraine and the costs to the rest of Europe are basically needless.

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The complete decadence of Russia (desolated post-Soviet rump state with a mentally and physically ravaged, ailing and infertile population) and its sphere is mind-blowing. This war is a total and final humilliation for Russian nationalists, with their Motherland being exposed as being a pathetic and irredeemable shadow of its former self. Meanwhile, millions of innocent Ukrainians have been displaced to be permanently absorbed by the degenerate (but still slightly more capable) western blob. Their children will be trannies because of Putler's retarded moves. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin might go down in history as the gravedigger of Russian civilization. Make no mistake, this is a TERMINAL crisis for Russia and its people.

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At this point I actually want Putin to nuke the entire planet.

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I feel the same. Fuck everything.

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Watching you go from the Archeofuturism guy to the environmental collapse guy to the "I actually want Putin to nuke the entire planet" guy has been an experience. Come on, man. You should be more optimistic. Browsing some whitepills might help.

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Amazing how you can still be optimistic about anything. Every single day life under ZOG gets worse.

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You are too focused on the problems and are not being fair. Think of it this way. Fixing the world is not your job. That is the job of the ruling elite. That they have been making a mess of it for decades and continue to make a mess of it now is their problem, not yours. If you volunteer your political efforts to help address the problems of modernity, that is out of your good will - no one could ask for more, and you are certainly not under obligation to do anything. As for the ruling elites, their decadence, disunity, malice and utter incompetence mean that they simply cannot win. It is not possible. I do not know who will win, but the current status quo is unsustainable and will inevitably end before long. At that point, there will be new opportunities, new people, new movements and new actors. The important part now is to prepare the preconditions for the future. Nothing can bear fruit unless the preconditions are met, and if they are met, then when the time for change comes, they will make a difference. Retaining composure, patience and a sense of measure is one of those preconditions on the individual level. Bettering the world is not something that can be done in one day, or done alone.

Consider also that an era without virtues is a great testing ground for what men of character can build, no less so than the time of Romulus. Don't get too caught up in the tragic and global elements of our time. This is our era as well, after all. Enjoy it, and the possibilities it offers, for what they are. As for the future, we do not yet know what it will bring, but whatever it is, it will be influenced by how we live in the present.

Perhaps I overdid it a bit with this post, but you get my point.

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Saved, good shit

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No. My cat's life is more important than yours, and fsrq more important than your desire to see the world end.

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Your cat -- and you -- is doing to die anyway. What does it matter if it dies tomorrow or in 10 years?

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Because tomorrow and 10 years is a large difference in time. Obviously.

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That's relative.

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Stop being a cunt. My cat has a right to life his life to its fullest. Here enjoys life.

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This is a major escalation in the war, and it needs to happen. The fighting has dragged on for too long. Putin was naive to think he could win the war without mobilising. If he had done that from the beginning, this would all be over already.

Paul Craig Roberts was right about Putin. By fighting with one hand behind his back, he has actually increased the dangers of a nuclear war.

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The israeli-american gay empire will supply an unlimited amount of the finest weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine. I doubt russia can match an israeli mercenary army.

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Western nations are already running out of reserve stock to hand over to Ukraine. Especially for fairly small European militaries.

More over, Ukrainian soldiers have to be trained to use this equipment & It has to be shipped to the frontline intact.

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The US will not run out of weapons to give to Ukraine. We will give them alternative weapons or produce more.

The US will train them. This is our war. This is how proxy wars work.

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Putin has also announced that Russia will consider using weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, in order to defend its territory.

The last nukes were used in 1945, when only one country had them, and M.A.D didn't exist yet.

They're not going to do anything with them.

Edit: Just yesterday, they threatened to do the same thing at the Queen's funeral in London. It's all posturing.

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I don't think they will use nukes either, but I wouldn't completely rule it out - tactical nuclear weapons could possibly be deployed against Ukrainian units, and in an extreme scenario they may even target Western Ukraine or Kiev. I don't think that's likely though. Still, it should be noted that there is no threat of mutually assured destruction in Ukraine at all - even the most insane NATO hawks seem to be limiting their rhetoric to "ensuring consequences" if Putin uses nukes, rather than threatening nuclear retaliation. This manoeuvre could be an attempt by Putin to paralyse Ukrainian decision making - it might be interesting to see how that goes.

[–]radicalcentristNational Centrism 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

. Still, it should be noted that there is no threat of mutually assured destruction in Ukraine at all - even the most insane NATO hawks seem to be limiting their rhetoric to "ensuring consequences" if Putin uses nukes, rather than threatening nuclear retaliation.

Chernobyl didn't happen in the West, yet every country was still demanding to know what happen (which the USSR did eventually fold on it).

If they use Nukes in Ukraine, which could trigger radiation clouds or even blow up another Nuclear plant, of course other nuclear powers are going to do something.

It's all fake posturing. Russia has 25 million soldiers they could even call up if they wanted, going straight for WMD's is admitting that they have nothing left.

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Putin doesn't want to hand all the power to the military, which is what would likely happen in the case of a full mobilitization. Look at the dynamics of the communist revolution.

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The very existence of nukes imply the fact that they will be used - the only question is "when".

Ruling something out just let you unprepared when when that happens.

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Nukes were always a deterrent and last resort.

Otherwise, Pakistan & India would have used them against each other since they still have wars. Or even China vs India recently.

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Ww3 developing slowly?

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A significant chunk of people in Russia already believe that they are in World War 3 against NATO, given the level of support Ukraine has received. I don't know what's going to happen now though. As many Western analysts say, Russia has "no viable exit strategy", but neither do the Ukrainians, nor the Americans. I am guessing that the American leadership may end up doing what they usually do and pour a ton of resources into this conflict, turn it into a gruesome quagmire, then years later just abandon the satellite government to its inevitable demise as they did with Afghanistan, Vietnam etc. That seems a bit weird to me, as the stakes are quite a bit higher this time given that they are dealing with Russia, but maybe they are negligent enough to do something like that.