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Transgenderism is a mental illness / social contagion exacerbated by the media. Its almost entirely made up. It might legitimately affect .2% of the population at most. To the extent that we entertain transgenderism as a biologically "real" phenomenon - all it indicates we have a serious dysgenics problem. You are the sex you are born, XX or XY, or otherwise have some genetic disorder

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You are the sex you are born, XX or XY

This. Your sex is determined by your chromosomes. XX are female, XY are male.

There are only two genders. Anything else is mental illness.

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What do you have as an evidence for mental illness/social contagion within transgenderism? This post speaks of people who may already identify as such and are to be seen, but I would like to know about the former.

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What do you have as an evidence for mental illness/social contagion within transgenderism?

Trannies often chop their dicks off, chop their boobs off, or support such behavior. If chopping your dick off isn't mental illness, then I don't know what is?

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You make a good point. What would you say about those who get intense surgery to cover over these genital problems, or those that don't get surgery at all though?

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What would you say about those who get intense surgery to cover over these genital problems,

What genital problems?

or those that don't get surgery at all though

Unfortunately if you were to ask any of these transfaggots what their personal opinion is on genital mutilation, most of them would be pro.

Even more disturbing is if you were to poll the general population, a significant portion of western civilization would be supportive of gender confused transfaggots chopping their own dicks off. If that's not social contagion, then I don't know what is.

In fact, the problem is even worse. If my employer knew I was against dick chopping, i would be fired immediately for being a hate filled bigot. I don't want anyone to chop off their dick and I AM THE BAD GUY! This might be the most obvious social contagion since King David.

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What genital problems?

I meant, tried to pass and conceal as much as they could of their top scars or whatever.

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Seems like it would be easier to just not chop off your genitals off in the first place?

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Therefore, I would ask: How would you handle these questions? What are some bodily features that would not change throughout life?

If you're ever around enough trannies for this to be a real problem, then I would suggest making some radical life changes.

Secondly, body features aren't necessarily the most powerful giveaways. Male trannies struggle to imitate the way women speak, walk, smile, act, and move, more than any body mutiliation challenges.

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Can I ask you 2 questions just for transparency, what is your political ideology and ethnic background?

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I had been a typical AR for a while but right now I am in a state of finding myself, and I have encountered lots of leftist circles which try and refute what we believe in. Therefore I am making these posts to see what you think of these ideas and if I can still correct course. As for ethnicity, I will just say I am White, though LGBT topics usually do not have much to do with race or ethnicity.

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LGBT bad.

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But why so?

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Transgenderism is a disgusting perversion. It's just like how you can usually identify a junkie or a criminal by appearance alone, the coercion they suffered at the hands of the kikes is visually evident, but in the case of trannies they are worthy of less sympathy than other such individuals as many of them, mostly men pretending to be women, do so for attention and easy access to women they can rape and harass.

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What do you have to prove they do it for attention and sexual offense?

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If it were a natural thing that's always happened, then, well, it would've always been happening. In history there are very few cases of it and it's generally a sign of social degeneration, i.e. Weimar Germany and the like.

And if it's so natural then why is it only becoming a thing when it gets pushed down kids' throats and they get socially blackmailed/bullied into believing they have to mutilate themselves?