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There are two options here about your reasoning:

1) you are pushing the Jan assman thesis of the mosaic distinction. Unfortunately there are no wiki English pages to link but if that's the case you know what I'm speaking about. If that's the case I agree with you with the caveat of neoplatonism pointed by assman itself.

2) you are speaking about magic, like literal battle against gods. If that's the case I strongly disagree with you. I don't believe in magic and I think that believing in magic is literally gay and nigger, and I am going to explain why. God is the ontologic principle and that doesn't change between Aryan traditions - it is different in voodoo and other non-aryan religions. Christianity just focused on the actual principle instead that upon a variety of lesser manifestations. There are no proof about what was the ancient Aryan religion, but I maintain that it was a monotheistic one, extremely closer to nowadays Catholicism that everything else. I am stressing the absence of scientific proof in order to show bona fide, even if I would be able to bring up old studies that favour my thesis, but that are nowadays considered partial. I think anyway that polytheism is a female degradation of the autocratic and royal patriarchal primordial truth. Everything that breaks the original patriarchal unity of the Aryan truth is no different from being faggot, trans and mixed raced on a spiritual level, which means a corruption of the virile and warrior ideal, characterized by a solar incorrupt unity - as in the name Jupiter or Sol Invictus, the most high male God of the Sky. It may be the Aryan Sky Father, it may be the Catholic God (which is also called Sky Father), but there must be a single male father God at the top of the spiritual hierarchy. Everything else is non-aryan.