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Likely I’m in a minority of one in my opinion.

You don’t have a separate worlds in culture, politics that is entirely isolated from spiritual realm. What you consider Gods influence your systems, your culture, your ethics and your politics. All our institutions are an outgrowth of spiritual opinions we hold. And once someone defeats us spiritually, it is an uphill battle to keep society from falling. It is not an accident that all places of pre Abhramic European worship have prominent crosses hanging over them. It is a sign of spiritual conquest.

The Abrahamic cults are all conquering. They leave no space for your original gods… much as you might like to associate the political realities as naturally descendant from a Greco Roman history more than a Judea history, the abrahmics has taken Europe out of Europeans as much as it is taking Africa outside of Africans.

I don’t share the sympathy you people have for Christianity but I do hope you try and understand that native philosophies of Europe is not compatible with its chritianization (or Abrahamism). This does not mean you have to give up on European Christians but it does mean that you seek to increase a non abrahmic source for your spirituality instead of splitting hairs to salvage the salvation of one Jew.

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Like subversion of Christianity (even if true) is a mediocre achievement compared to the subversion of all European Gods