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Ah yeah, good old lemuria. There's always a mythical phase in the racist narrative, and it seems to stick to Conan's lore.

I get the need to crack upon the separatists. In my country we have to deal with German-speakers and they are extremely annoying. You should definitely take decisive actions against them.

But. My point was that the yamnaya heritage is something pretty much proved, both culturally and genetically, and it's not something particularly European by itself. Europeans are the result of intermixing between locals and yamnaya as much as Iranian and Indians. So you are basically trying to claim that in fact the yamnaya were from India or that India wasn't indeed touched by the yamnaya? What's the point? It's called Indo-European civilization for a reason.

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The point is human beings, defined by genes are super interealted to each other. The African genetic makeup is significantly different from all other humans.

Now is the non African male, Indian first or European first. The evidence seems to indicate all genetic haplogroups are Indian first and then European later. Hence if there is an Aryan invasion, it is the invasion of European lands, not India.

Now we can engage further about what the reality is based on differnt levels of linguistic (most familiar with this) or genetic, archaeological evidence. But that’s not the point. The point is politics of identity that is now playing out on a misrepresented version of history.

I’ll also add that if you look at mythology, before Europe adopted the fatherless Jewish god, there is a lot of similar threads of stories which I feel is a strong possible connection between Indian and European peoples.

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The evidence seems to indicate all genetic haplogroups are Indian first and then European later.

I'm a little confused. Are you trying to say that all Caucasoids are descended from Indian?

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Yeah, all humans are first African, then north Indian , then other parts of the world