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    That is for political reasons but it’s Not reality. To see how a people behave, they must be in confident power.

    The reality is that in America they are a 10% minority with an 70%ish antagonist majority. So the smaller 1-4% groups are strategic “Allies” in antagonism to the large majority. Communists know the politics of majority and minority.

    Let’s see nations which had a majority black population with tiny pockets of brown population. Caribbean ones like Trinidad Tobago, Guyana all places the brown folk were/are severely persecuted. Is there any brown affirmative action there for minorities ?

    In Africa, Uganda saw a exodus en masse, South Africa has been anti white but if history is any regard, it will be anti brown soon as well.

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      If history is a reference, then majority African countries are antagonistic to brown and yellow people after the white leave.

      Will the same play out in America ? Not sure. African Americans have a differnt history from most other Africans