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That discrimination that their parents faced was all legal, proper and moral. And that they should not feel bad for the discriminating others facing similarly things today? Ie new generation of immigrant partners?

I should have been more clear when I wrote my post. When I say ethnostate I'm going under the assumption I've already kicked out most non white people. I'm not talking about starting an ethnostate with the current demographics in the united states. I'm talking about a fictional ethnostate established sometime in the future after most non whites have left voluntarily or been persuaded to leave.

Side note: My ethnostate would have very very few Jews so the non whites that do remain would not have news, movies, and corrupted officials that propagandize them into thinking white people are terrible oppressors.

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No matter where you start from, what you incentivize through the state will lead to a future of more people linking the incentive.

Let’s say your state is 100% “your perfect category” of people. You decide to allow 1% of an “other”. How well “other” intergrates into “your perfect category” is key.

Europe decided that language was the way to define “other”. Has messed it up. America had an racial identity but like your post it failed to identify an “other”.

Think of this in another way. If a black nationalist movement starts today, they too have problems defining the category “black”. But they have no issues defining the “other” category.

If an Islamic state exists, they have 0 trouble defining the “other”

Ideological clarity of defining who is not in either. The basis can be by action, belief or birth. All this so that is “your perfect category” has an identity it is willing to be proud of and maintain in dignity

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    That is for political reasons but it’s Not reality. To see how a people behave, they must be in confident power.

    The reality is that in America they are a 10% minority with an 70%ish antagonist majority. So the smaller 1-4% groups are strategic “Allies” in antagonism to the large majority. Communists know the politics of majority and minority.

    Let’s see nations which had a majority black population with tiny pockets of brown population. Caribbean ones like Trinidad Tobago, Guyana all places the brown folk were/are severely persecuted. Is there any brown affirmative action there for minorities ?

    In Africa, Uganda saw a exodus en masse, South Africa has been anti white but if history is any regard, it will be anti brown soon as well.

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      If history is a reference, then majority African countries are antagonistic to brown and yellow people after the white leave.

      Will the same play out in America ? Not sure. African Americans have a differnt history from most other Africans