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I agree with your point here. Very clear in group out group definitions are key.

In my mind in group is Europeans outgroup in non europeans. The 9% people's community isn't going to be a group of people we import every year. It's a way to start the ethnostate without 100% white people in the territory. Which would be really difficult with today's demographics. After the state was established the only people my ethnostate would really 'import' would be people that are ex pats seeking right of return. Otherwise it's a closed system. People that are non white that want to come to work, study, and do cultural/religious exchange can never be more than 1% of the population and can't legally marry anyone in the core 90% population. I think that's a pretty good recipe for keeping a core ethnic/racial family intact and healthy yet not too cut off from the outside world.

All three groups would also have different rules and laws that govern them. Foreign nationals would have the least rights and citizens the most right. People's community somewhere in the middle.