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The solution to the gay question? Gays were not a problem in the past. Even in my lifetime, I remember when gay was irrelevant. I propose a multistep solution.

1 - Shame gayness and gays like we did prior to the pro gay era. Even 1990 levels of shame would be fine.

2 - Stop promoting gayness in digitial communication (TV, internet)

3 - Stop pretending gays can be married. There is no such thing as gay marriage. The idea is silly.

4 - Spread new propaganda showing our truth about gayness, i.e. it's a fetish, not an identity. No one is gay. I dont care if you agree with this. We are fed false leftist propaganda all the time and everyone accepts that.

5 - Make it illegal to recognize gayness in schools.

The only reason we are dealing with all this gay shit is because of jew propaganda and decadence. In a healthy culture, fags would disappear back into the closet where they belong.

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Some people are gay. Deal with it chud.

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Possibly, but since we don't know for sure and it hasn't been proven by science, I'd rather treat it as a behavior or mental illness.

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I keep hearing all these stories of closeted gays raping kids in the past, closeting is the worst solution. Either you get rid of them on sight or you bar access to kids when knowing they exist.

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There is no official take here on anything. I personally dont care about the “issue”. Its a behavior, not a group. I have my own less than positive views about this behavior but I dont see it as something that needs to be addressed. Dont promote it, but as long as kids arent being exposed to it I dont give a shit.

To the extent its an issue, it’s that its been weaponized by Jewish power, another avenue of identity politics thats popped up in recent times in order to further divide whites, and some dissidents fall for the bait.

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I think it's more than just a divisive subject to distract. All the things we complain about as dissidents: white genocide, anti natalism, subversion of moral religious institutions, feminization, school curriculum subversion, welfare state for non whites, anti white companies, etc, etc, are voted for and managed by 'empowered' women and faggots. Jews couldn't have fucked up our society as bad as they have without a golem army. Blacks are just low level soldiers but women and the LGBT squad are the officer core.

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I just dont see it as a big issue, as long as it's not promoted to kids. I'm not a control freak. I dont care what consenting adults do amongst themselves. I think people with a foot fetish are kinda weird too, but I have no desire to judge or regulate their fetish or address the "issue". I don't even personally know anyone who is openly gay, and rarely encounter them IRL, so it's not something that I deal with every day, aside from it being yet another weaponized identity, which the "right" feeds into by attacking them. Dont get me wrong. I find the whole "pride" thing strange, even nauseating. It's an odd slogan to use. What exactly are they feeling pride in?

On the issue of women, thats something I definitely differ with the alt right on. Women tend to be extremely conformist, but attacking them or trying to "Put them in their place" only has the effect of making you more resented. I'm not trying to be some white knight either. I just think it's ultimately self defeating.

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so it's not something that I deal with every day,

When I worked in the corporate office, one of my employers was dominated by gays. Normally gayness isn't something I deal with day-to-day, but when I worked there, it was in my face constantly.

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All the things we complain about as dissidents: white genocide, anti natalism, subversion of moral religious institutions, feminization, school curriculum subversion, welfare state for non whites, anti white companies, etc, etc, are voted for and managed by 'empowered' women and faggots.

I agree the women part of this component is important, because you are talking about 50% of the population, which is why I say any group that antagonizes women or makes women fearful for that group to be in control is doomed to failure. Fags on the other hand make up a miniscule proportion of the population, despite all the recent media saturation about gay shit, which is just Jewish gaslighting. As a voting, lobbying, or any kind of block, gays are irrelevent. Whatever collective power they posess is what Jews give them using their media power and wealth. Women however have a lot of political power regardless of Jew money and media, simply by sheer numbers.

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Try not to fall into the "white women" bad trap. Trust me I've been there and it is horrible. We need white women.

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I'm not sure where you got 'white women bad' from my post. Women are manageable and even pleasant to be around when they're are in pro monogamy male lead and structured society. Women like lots of clear social rules and boundaries to conform themselves around. I think that's why we see so much instability and mental health issues with modern women. There's no clear standards of conduct. Regardless, millions of white women are right leaning. Millions of white women are racially loyal (if only implicitly). There's plenty of quality white female stock to be white pilled about.

'Red pill posting' about the reality of the female gender is not 'hate' towards women. Understanding women is a big part of living with them successfully, having a family, and not having them divorce rape you. Not learning about women and not being aware of the power they have in modern clown world is a recipe for getting fucked over. In fact I don't think you can be a very effective dissident if you haven't taken the pill on women.

The bottom line is that women would not have become tools of Jews if men had kept the invader out and kept up a monogomous, safe structure for women to function in. Pointing that truth out is not 'hate' toward women. Crazy, race mixing, anti white, pro LGBT women are just the products of an inverted society. Nothing more nothing less.

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We need white women

Have you seen the drama they bring with them?

Women follow power. They are not needed in this movement.

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Good luck getting their help...

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It's a scourge. Those responsible (Jews, pedophiles, and other assorted sick subhumans) should be dealt with accordingly.

Those who can be helped should be, and therapy (derisively labeled "conversion therapy") and other treatments should be used to help them.

The societal fixation of faggotry should be eliminated. Faggotry, (just like mass shootings, anti-natalism, etc.) is a symptom of societal and cultural decay, and culture being replaced by the worship of corporations and ZOG instead of worship of God and holding reverence for tradition and nation.

Homosexuality is a very modern issue caused by Enlightenment degeneracy. Just like the rest of such degeneracy, fascism seeks to bandage and undo it to the greatest extent possible.

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Agreed. I have no idea how so many people can think that faggotry is static and essentially unchanging throughout history. If it was, why didn't we have 'Gay Pride' and 'marriage equality' thousands of years ago? The pressure for those things would have been roughly the same as it is now provided that the percentage of fags remains static.

It is, as you say, a modern issue. The percentage of them seems to grow with each subsequent generation. Back when I was in high school there were literally zero open faggots. There were two secretive faggots who knew each other. Other than that, every student was straight-passing. Among the teachers, there was one lesbian: an ugly, midget-like, brown untermensch who thankfully did not reproduce. There was no 'pride'—no flags, no events, nothing. But what happened was that once these kids went to college and beyond, then some of these straight-passing kids indeed revealed themselves to be faggots.

Fast forward to that same school today, less than two decades later: faggotry is everywhere. 'Pride' is everywhere. I can only wonder what will happen in the next 10-20 years. I imagine that a large amount of child trannies is the next step.

Also, the demographic was probably like 90% White at that time, whereas it wouldn't be anywhere near that high now. Glad I was born early enough to get through the education system before being somebody who is not a fag or tranny is to be the odd one out.

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Fast forward to that same school today, less than two decades later: faggotry is everywhere. 'Pride' is everywhere. I can only wonder what will happen in the next 10-20 years. I imagine that a large amount of child trannies is the next step.

Canada actually keeps a record of this. There was a 7x jump in Transgenders from the Boomer generation to Gen X.

It's even higher with Zoomers/Millenials.

So something is definitely up. It can't be genetics anymore, society/environment also has to be a factor.

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Yes, I exceedingly think the Social Constructionist side of the debate (sociocultural) seems to be correct, not the Essentialist (genetics) one. The problem is that the queers and their 'allies' routinely move between these two sides when it suits them.

For example, when we say that sexuality is mutable and therefore that we can solve the problem by affecting sociocultural changes, then they resort to what is known as the 'Born This Way' argument. This essentialist argument is that people shouldn't be blamed for things that they can't help themselves doing. Once a female sociologist told me that she didn't even believe in that, and just promoted it for optical reasons.

But when we say that sexuality is immutable and therefore that we can solve the problem by removing these people from society or tampering with their genes, then they revert back to the constructionist and fluid arguments. For example, that you can't really get rid of queers because anyone can simply just wake up one day and find that his sexuality has 'changed'. So there is no real way to identify who to remove.

Another obvious example can be found in schools:

If we say that 'we're coming for your kids' [in classrooms] is a threat, they'll simply resort to essentialism: We can't turn your kids queer, we only want to make them tolerant of queers.

Yet those same teachers are the ones telling kids that they can 'choose' their sexuality, that sexuality 'changes', that it is heterosexuality and not all of these new fangled sexualities that are what is socially constructed, that heterosexuality is simply a 'breeding kink', that heterosexuality is itself homophobic, transphobic, etc. and all sorts of other nonsense.

It seems to me that two things are certain: Firstly, Social Constructionism is their sincere belief, and their view is indeed correct if increasing numbers positively correlate with increasing tolerance of their ways. Secondly, Essentialism and the 'Born That Way' argument is something they hide behind in order to absolve themselves of guilt: 'B-b-but we can't help ourselves! We have no choice in the matter! It's unfair that you want to be rid of us!'

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Schools are a breeding ground for this. In America and Europe kids are indoctrinated and told they're fags constantly. Many a faggot or tranny traces their mental disease to the horrible brainwashing of the public school system.

It's a terrible and depressing thing, when I was in high school I saw people go from normal or slightly weird to complete nutcases in the span of a couple years. I knew people in middle school who said they were faggots and the like. Today many of them are stricken by other related mental and physical issues from these delusions.

The perpetrators of this are the worst kind of subhuman.

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Homosexuality is a very modern issue caused by Enlightenment degeneracy

Yet it took hundreds of years to manifest on such a grand scale?

The primary causes can be traced from only half a century ago—the sexual revolution—where the pillars of Western civilisation were undermined from within.

Gynocentrism over patriarchy. Hypergamy over monogamy. Hyper-sexualisation over traditional beauty. Promiscuity over purity. “Gender roles” and “sex” once fixed, instinctual concepts ingrained in the public consciousness were now open to interpretation and assault.

The modern incel phenomenon, often ignored or mocked on the dissident right, is another connected societal issue that traces its origins from here.

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This was a thing more before Christianity or in non-Western cultures, but I would like to know how much it was socially accepted worldwide, and what was the end result as well as if it has any bearing on us.

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The Sexual Revolution is a logical progression from the Enlightenment. Not to mention that homosexuality or adjacent things existed long before the sexual revolution, and similarly destroyed and degenerated societies and cultures.

And yes, incels, femcels, and all other forms of psychosexual malignancies are very much related to the globohomo culture that was the penultimate goal of the Enlightenment and its perpetrators.

Just like Capitalism and Leftism, the rest of the Enlightenment's ideological hellspawn took many years to ferment into the satanic, anti-human, anti-cultural tumors they were destined to be.

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What do you say about its' presence throughout history and cultures?

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Cultures that accepted and promoted it were/are degenerate and destined to fall or change. Its presence in history is moot; just because something has been around for a long time doesn't make it good or okay.

(((Enlightenment thinkers))) capitalized on it and other societal ills that were before minor footnotes and rarely an issue and made them into huge issues that threatened and continue to threaten entire societies.

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Which ones were degenerative exactly prior to the Enlightenment?

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in Europe, the Greeks and Romans were no strangers to it, and both of their cultures eventually degenerated and crumbled due to that and other forms of degeneracy and decadence, as an example.

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Where could I read more about this?

I would also like to talk about societies that have been more tolerant throughout history or built creation myths around homosexualtiy/transgenderism. What do you think about this?

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Why should I care about the contents of that link? An obviously far-left pro-gay pro-tranny article whining about conservatives saying that their degeneracy is bad is of no substance or interest.

And why would you bother asking my opinion on something like that? I don't care about those societies and I'm glad that most of them are dead and gone or have been transformed into something better with the introduction of correct cultural values and folklore.

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Welll I will admit that person is quite biased and moans about criticism as if it is the worst thing ever.

I did ask, though just in case one would have more insight on such history.

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To some degree, we can never really know. There will always be some level of revisionism. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that there was a lot of homosexual behavior before Judeo-Christianity. It is curious that Jews have led the gay movement in the West, even though the Old Testament seems to be the origin of anti-homosexuality. And there is a lot of nuance involved here. For example, even though pederastic relationships were widespread in Ancient Greece, they were not, as a rule, sodomitical.

This EoT fellow makes some better points in this one.

Although I tend to avoid both horrendous trannies like this EoT fellow and schizomaxxers like MrE.

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Yes, I would like to take some sections into close account just in case. Such societies are often held as counterexamples to theories of social contagion, or are somehow supposed to demonstrate that there is a manipulative element inducing anti-gay attitudes.

I do find it better researched. Whether it is discrimination or inherent factors to blame for any downsides is something to look into.

Regarding Christianity and homosexuality, you may have seen the claims that the Bible was indifferent on homosexuality and that such "clobber passages" were misinterpreted. Yet, this seems to fly in the face of its social acceptance over the centuries and the importance of Christianity to many societies.

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I am no expert in history, but aren’t invasive barbarian hordes and multiculturalism the primary arguments used to explain the decline of the Roman Empire?

I just believe this is not a particularly complex nor important issue like the JQ, for instance. Solving the incel problem, banning LGBT propaganda (including porn) and outlawing public displays of such perversion would see levels of homosexuality decline to irrelevancy.

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I am no expert in history, but aren’t invasive barbarian hordes and multiculturalism the primary arguments used to explain the decline of the Roman Empire?

Indeed, but I would wager that the main proponents of such drastic and ridiculous societal movements also supported or participated in the equally degenerate and culture-eroding faggotry that was rampant in Roman society at various points.

I just believe this is not a particularly complex nor important issue like the JQ, for instance.

You are correct in that it isn't complex, but it definitely is serious. The rate at which young, innocent children are bullied, traumatized, indoctrinated, and turned into eunuchs, freaks, or suicide statistics is not only high by constantly increasing. For Whites to survive we need normal, healthy straight couples. Faggots can't have kids, not naturally at least, and they shoudln't be allowed near kids in any circumstance.

Solving the incel problem, banning LGBT propaganda (including porn) and outlawing public displays of such perversion would see levels of homosexuality decline to irrelevancy.

Yes, but the thing is such acts directly undermine globogomo and therefore we'd need significant regime change to see anything close to such measures, even despite their cursory and common sense nature.

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Actually allow Dr's and researchers to find out why people become gay. Is it some sort of birth defect or event that happens during fetal development? Is it because of abuse at a young age. Basically treat it as a disease and look for a way to prevent or cure it

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There is a toxoplasma theory going around, with one gay claiming to have been cured through a parasite cleanse.

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Stop drinking turpentine.

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What's the deal with this theory?

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Owen Benjamin says turpentine killed his gay butt worms.

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Just stop promoting the gay lifestyle. That would be enough.

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I understand that everyone has his own struggles, but still it's a flaw that can't be ignored. They should be encouraged to seek therapy or live somewhere where they can exercise their thing without affecting the rest of society.