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I like your people's food, or the anglicized version of it..i don't care at all for the reverse colonization of my ancestral motherland (maternal side). In my estimation, too many of you people hate whites but demand slaves to them..Think Vijaye Gadde.

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I like your peoples inherent reasonability or atleast the remnants of it.

As far as I can see my people don’t hate whites, but they admire them too much for my cultures good. vijaya gadde is the kind of specimen that is brown in skin color but has modeled her entire attitude on a white left liberal. Lily Singh and Kamala aslo reek of the same kind of biases and attitude. Ask them about Hindu/Indian culture, they will also say what you did “I like these peoples food, or the anglicized version of it..”

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They very much do in Britain, and look forward to prospect of colonizing Britain the way India was colonized...

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Yeah that's a big fat cope on our end lmao

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Like I mentioned in the other comment, all the rhetoric is just a cope for the fact that indians in britain are the same sepoys they've always been

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How is that a cope though?

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It's a cope because Indians in the west have no independent power they only have positions that they attain by licking the boot of the kike