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The left are a group of people who are most comfortable at another persons house. So when they are in India, there is very little hesitation they have before abusing Indian culture in the name of whatever social fracture they want to develop. The same with America.

The difference is between local Allies to abuse the culture. In west they have befriended Islamic group and racial minorities to abuse the fleeting majority. In India it is Hindus.

Most of the left however composed of the same majority group ie a lot of liberals in US are white and so in India are Hindu. They kill the community they come from, pimp their history… all so that they can fit in better with a badge of honor.

They define their group in ideological terms, rather that racial or religions terms. So while they are keen to criticize in-groups of race and relgion, they open flaunt their discrimination on of ideological out-groups (say for instance nationalists). Their preferred ally is any who can cry victim (whether legitimately or otherwise)!and their biggest weapon is mercy that one illicits from victimhood.

Thanks for searching for these links. The host of the website is a liberal professor in Rutgers Audrey Truscke who writes sympathetically about Islamic dictator who committed pogroms as state policy. The second website is the dhimmi (Islamic pejorative for surviving non believers ) married to a man with a particularly long nose (guess where he gets it from) who goes out to insult India and Hindus openly siding with bigoted even separatists elements of religion of peace.

I see a global left. In fact my initial opinions of America where through the lens of a global left. I wish there was a global (or atleast a collaborative) right. Would help in defeating left propaganda better.