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What exactly is burning the Quran supposed to do? Send a message that Islam is not welcome in Sweden? I really don't know how effective that would be, the centrist Swede probably either won't care or will buy into the leftist narratives of intolerance.

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It's supposed to send a message that people are free to protest a backwards homophobic religion.

If they were burning Bibles they'd be supported. But to the left, immigrants must never be criticized, even when they're raping Swedish women and lobbing grenades into police stations.

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free to protest a backwards homophobic religion.

Arab and african Islamic immigration should be opposed on it's face. We don't need to analyze the Islamic religion to find reasons to revoke citizenship. They are not Europeans and therefore should not be in the west. Because we fail to push back on ethnic and racial grounds alone, we are forced to fall back on 'progressive liberal values' as the reasoning for resistance. I shouldn't have to implicitly agree with degenerate liberalism to reject arab migration.

Notice how only islamists are allowed to be homophobic in the west. Liberalism clearly prioritizes replacing native Europeans to up holding it's own 'free society' values. Why should we fight for the right to oppose 'backward homophobia' when we've already lost the right to oppose homosexuality itself?

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    One look at this guy's post history makes it obvious he's just a troll. He randomly switches between saying far-right and leftist anti-right/anti-white stuff. For example, he has also said: "The US is not a nation though, it's a multicultural shithole. A true nation consists of a singular ethnic group/race that shares a common ancestry." So there doesn't seem to be a coherent ideology behind his posts. I reccomend reporting and ignoring.

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      "How are East Asian societies weaker and less innovative?"

      "How is it dysgenic?"

      "What about white Muslims?"

      "Goddamn you are one gigantic loser. You probably check under your bed every night to make sure there's no scary nonwhite trying "replace" you. LMAO"

      "What exactly am I "trying" you weird cracker?"

      "The US is not a nation though, it's a multicultural shithole. A true nation consists of a singular ethnic group/race that shares a common ancestry."

      "I hate niggers"

      Salos, you are one weird, mentally screwed up guy, and I have no idea what your agenda is here or why you do this. Now fuck off like you usually do when your sock accounts get banned.

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      backwards homophobic religion

      Cringe libtard.

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      Libtards defend Islam, they don't criticize it. Poor troll 4/10.

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      You are crying about Islam because it's not liberal, you are a libtard.

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      It triggers a jihad which hopefully triggers an immune response from the Swedes.

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      Who cares what centrist Swedes think?

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      They're the majority of the population.

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      So what? The majority of the population was against mass immigration and they still opened the borders. Organized minorities dominate history, not the passive majority.

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      I don't agree with that, unless you can provide solid examples. That said can we get back to the original question.

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      he is right. There are basically no examples where changes were driven by the majority. Obviusly, you need a substantial and dedicated minority. But for examples, bolshevism won because a minority of the oeple of st. petersburg were willing to support Lenin. probably it wasn't eveen close to the 1% o fthe total population. in 1930, when the fascist party was well established as the only political force in Italy, his membership wasn't more than 10 million, on a poulation of 40 millions (obviusly prior to the march on Rome there were evn less fascists). The american revolution was made by a tiny group of people, and the French revolution as well was the result of a fraction of the population of Paris willing to support the revolutionary government. So yeah, in most cases, you just need and organized minority at the center of the events.

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      don't agree with that, unless you can provide solid examples


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      Maybe the Swedes suffered from inbreeding depression and wanted to spice things up with some Syrian poonanny.

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        It's dysgenic and not European.

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          Inbreeding. Over half of Paki marriages in the UK are to 1'st cousins.

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          How is it any worse than Christianity or Judaism?

          evangelizing religion that doesn't take no for an answer. Its worse than christcuckery or judaism because its still stuck in the phase of forcefully converting people. About as bad as christcuckery was couple hundred years ago.

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          Only a hundred guys and they too are from Denmark...what a shitshow Sweden has become.

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          Did you read the full article? For some reason the text is very ambiguous until the end - apparently the leader of the party is a dual citizen. There is no indication of any other connection to Denmark.

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          I read that its a Danish party and they did this in Sweden because of the looser laws there.

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          these hundred guys are protesting like they are actually going to accomplish something, when in fact they are literally causing muslims to rejoice.

          while these people are burning cars and blocking streets, muslims are sitting in a masjid(mosque) and sharing food and drink and having pleasant conversations.

          islam is actually commanded by the quran to "torment" the non-muslims, which is exactly what you are when you are frantically burning cars and blocking streets.

          notice that when you finish with your useless protests that you probably stop off at a corner store to buy some food or drink or whatever and that store is most likely owned by a muslim.. when you buy some thing, you become poorer and he becomes richer.

          the great majority of you that debate and protest about islam dont really know your ass from a hole in the ground because you have never even been inside of a masjid.

          when you dont understand your opponent, but your opponent understands you very well, who do you think will win?

          islam is commanded by the quran to dominate and to rule over the entire world, and this is already the situation.

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          yeah, yeah, you are a very smart guy.

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          perhaps i am smart, perhaps not.

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          Don't be an infidel, read the talmud