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Wonder if this will trigger some high rise diving like Black Tuesday did.

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You beat me to it. Lol!

Anyway, imagine all the leftist screeching if he does this and clears out the entire cretinous nest.

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The worst result of this would be having to deal with Trump back on twitter and all the hysteria about him both from his annoying supporters and the anti Trump crowd.

Someone with his power should instead be building a 2nd Hollywood industry to combat the increasingly lame Hollywood entertainment.

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Trump's twitter was the goldmine of comedy though.

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In the meantime, it seems as if Vanguard has bought further into Twitter, becoming the single largest owner over Musk.

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There is zero chance the Jews that forced out Dorsey would allow Musk to buy Twitter, mark my words. The idea that a major social media platform would be completely beyond the tribes control would drive them insane. It's not about money, they already have more than they could ever spend. It's about power and control.

Jews are already epically freaking out over Musk's offer and have launched an all out media campaign against him, but so long as they retain leverage on Twitter's ruling board they can block this, and they definitely will.