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Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a shocking and generation-defining failure

Militarily, Russia is doing very well. They have defeated much of the Ukrainian army, and have occupied large parts of the country. Politically, though, their reputation has taken a hit. The Russophobic propaganda campaign is making them look bad.

Russia's impending economic collapse

They aren't going to collapse from the sanctions, dude. China and India are still doing business with Russia, and exchanging oil, metals, grain, etc. They are even setting up their own banking system that is outside of SWIFT, to continue free trade.

this probably means the final and definitive break between Russians and Ukrainians

The Russians have been very careful to limit collateral damage among civilians, which is difficult because the Ukrainian army is fighting within the citys and essentially using their people as human shields. Thats the only reason why the fighting is still going on. Russia has total control of the countryside, and complete freedom of maneuver, aside from the occasional partisan attacks.

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    An ukrainian victory was never on the cards, but this was supposed to be a quick and decisive win for Russia. Every russophile analyst predicted the war to be over within days and so did the Kremlin. Anything short of total, quick and decisive victory is a failure in this case.

    The collateral damage is an order of magnitude worse than what the Kremlin predicted. Ukraine has been irreversibly depopulated and radicalized. This will lead to chaos long-term.

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    Almost no war with any real fighting lasts days, & definitely not in a country as large as Ukraine. The Twitter mobs that predicted stuff like that just don’t know their history.

    It took the sole world superpower over a month + weeks of preliminary shock & awe bombings to take Iraq, much of which is uninhabited desert. It took millions of Soviet & German soldiers a month to take Poland in WW2. At the current rate of conquest , Russia’s victory IS quick & decisive.

    As for Ukraine’s population being ‘irreversibly radicalised’ against Russia, anybody that subscribes here should understand that the average person follows orders, either grudgingly or enthusiastically. 40% of Ukraine’s population is Russophile & many of those are ethnic Russians. You can look up YouTube videos from 2014 of tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of protesters waving Russian flags, demanding Russian military intervention.

    Cities like Kharkov, Odessa & Mariupol had armed uprisings, do you think those people just disappeared? No, they were beaten into silence, but when It’s Russia & not Ukraine that controls the government/media/welfare etc that will change rapidly.

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    The Ukrainian army is on the brink of collapse - French army chief General Burkhard.

    I trust his words much more than the words of CIA charlatans who peddle ghost of kyiv and Snake Island Mujahideen stories.

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    Russophiles aren't exactly happy with the results of the invasion either, it's not just CIA propaganda. The invasion IS a failure objectively speaking. The long-term ramifications for Russia and Ukraine are nothing short of catastrophic.

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    How's the weather in Langley?

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    Tel Aviv

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      Is there a difference?

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      How's the weather in Langley?

      Did not Tel Aviv, the gayest place on earth, take a neutral approach on Putin's actions?

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      Israel condemned Russia and is on Ukraine’s side

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      Did they?

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      Tagging along to your post, it's been pretty shocking seeing the Nationalist but not ethnonationalist (for example PJW) right so borderline or full on supportive of Putin's invasion.

      I'm honestly shocked that so called "patriots' would support an enemy that has made his views on the US abundantly clear...and they're not positive.

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      Why would you support the US?

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      Nationalist's are supposed to support and love their country above all else. Putin subjugating Ukraine is against American interests. Putin is clearly the aggressor here and the brutality inflicted on the Ukrainian people is horrific.

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      Nationalist's are supposed to support and love their country above all else.

      First of all, I'm not a nationalist, and secondly, the US doesn't have a nationalist government. The American power structure is Jewish and acts against the racial interests of white people worldwide. Why on Earth would we support that?

      Putin subjugating Ukraine is against American interests.

      Again, what are "American interests"?

      Putin is clearly the aggressor here and the brutality inflicted on the Ukrainian people is horrific.

      So not one single word about NATO expansion and the CIA's coup in 2014?

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        Pretty much.

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        You’re arguing with a salos alt?

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        The American power structure is Jewish and acts against the racial interests of white people worldwide.

        While this is true, Putin's government is not pro-white.

        He had a chance to work with Azov Battalion and could have helped put them in power. Instead, he wants to "denazify" and is happy to send Muslims from all over the world to kill other Europeans.

        He's literally no different to other White boomers who always say "based" stuff from time to time, but then it turns out they support Israel or quote MLK.

        Either way, it's still a war that is intended to kill Whites on both sides, while Jews are watching from the sidelines.

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        While this is true, Putin's government is not pro-white.

        It doesnt matter you fucking shill. Why would that matter? You arent pro white either, you are some mentally ill troll who was obsessed with evil Nazis, praised Brazil as a model for the human race, denied that intelligence has any sort of genetic component, and whined about white opression of black people...up until you completely reversed yourself overnight on every one of those views in the most disgingenuous and hamfisted ways.

        So were you lying then or are you lying now?

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        If the war accelerates American collapse then it's good in the long run. Now that it's obvious the Americans won't intervene in Europe what stops nationalists in say Germany or France from staging a coup?

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        If he wanted to accelerate, why didn't he just stop wheat exports? Or blockade the Suez Canal (where most of the world's trade goes through)?

        Going to war actually helps the U.S military complex. Guess who is buying and selling all the weapons? And just like the Cold War, Russia can't actually compete in an arms race without going broke.

        Ukraine is also a country the West is happy to sacrifice. Putin would actually have to step inside mainland Europe to cause a disruption.

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        And just like the Cold War, Russia can't actually compete in an arms race without going broke.

        The US wasnt 30 plus trillion dollars in debt during the cold war, nor did it see nationwide race riots, a young non white population of over 50%, an extreme partisan divide in which half the country hates the other half more than any foreign enemy, and what are now essentially completely open borders. Plus the non Communist world had a legitimate fear of the Soviet Union that kept them on America's side. No one legitimately thinks of Putin as a serious international threat aside from shitlibs and globalist Jews that see any challenge to their hegemony as another shoah.

        China will likely be the beneficiary in all this as the US empire further harms itself going after an enemy of ZOG.

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        If he wanted to accelerate

        No that's what I want, and many others in this sphere. Putin just wants his sovereignty and security to be respected

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        President Biden announces that the U.S. will send

        • 800 anti-air defense systems,

        • 9000 anti-tank missile systems,

        • 20 million rounds of ammunition

        • some of its most modern drones.

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        Most of this is gonna end up in Russian hands Biden is so impotent 😂. Fingers crossed I can cop some shit a few years from now on the black market 👀

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        what stops nationalists in say Germany or France from staging a coup

        America would likely intervene in such a context. That is not the same context as going to war with a nuclear super power.

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        America would likely intervene in such a context.

        Today maybe, but what are the chances 10-20 years from now? As America becomes increasingly embroiled in domestic strife it will become increasingly vulnerable at the edges of its empire

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          The US is a corporation chartered by Association Inc. America was never really a multicultural mixing pot, unti lsomething happened.

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          I support America. I don't control US Inc.

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          O! Salos, sauronlord100, ShiversRussia2017, probgoingtohell, ayotollahsiniran, Crank27789, Masashi8503, Republican58... 'yous' hath returned once again under a new name! How is TNOmod for Hearts of Iron 4 going? And Game of Thrones? Hath ye yet determined whether Judi Bowker is yourself or your mother?

          Knowst that 'yous' shalt soon be permabanned once again, ye blithering fopdoodle!



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          Jesse...What the fuck are you talking about?

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          You've already been explained who salos is. So why this reply?

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          I know who it is just not this absolute autism.

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          One way of looking at it us Putin is getting old and doesnt have too many years left in power anyway, so maybe hes going out like an OG and helping destroy American hegemony in the process, as Russia, China and other countries try to break free of America’s ZOG.

          If Ukrainians and Russians split permanently i could care less, but I doubt Russians will ever forget what the American corporate empire is trying to do to them. ZOG is waging a proxy war against Russia, and the world is watching.

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          While the Western right has evolved along with wokeism and developed antibodies against it, the same isn't the case for Russian conservatives.

          Where is the evidence for this? If anything, it would seem the exact opposite is the case.

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          Well, there is a silver lining. There is a small possibility bozo biden will finally cave and give rabbi zelensky his no fly zone, which could lead to something good.

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          tensions will flare up again in either years or decades

          Which is exactly what happened after NKVD devastated the country to turn it into a soviet "democracy".

          Putinist Russia has always been overrated in right-wing circles anyway.

          We all know what they say about the grass looking greener. Sadly, everyone forgets that not too long ago people were literally forced to choose between USA and USSR, and we know the results.