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Welcome back Salos

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Most women getting abortions are nigras. Abortion is why the crime rate went down after Roe v. Wade.

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Abortion is good for society, as long as the majority of abortions are on blacks.

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I think they're like 65% of abortions. Niggers really gotta learn to pull out

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Why limit it to blacks?

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Most abortions are by blacks.

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negrogreBeing black is anti-white [score hidden] 3 hours ago Most abortions are by blacks.

Sad but true. Aborting black babies was so successful that Obama started exporting the practice to Africa

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Based half brownie?

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Why? Well I can explain why.

I agree that abortion is technically murder, and I happen to believe it is unethical.

However, it is primarily the religious right that are against abortion, and they always invoke their religious beliefs, as you also have done. We have separation of church and state, and the majority of people don't wan't christian morality forced upon them.

I think the reason you won't make any headway is this: Even though I think it abortion is unethical, if Person X goes out and has an abortion my rights haven't been violated in any way, so the collective 'I' is not terribly incentivized to restrict others from engaging in this, even if they disagree with it.

My advice? If you care about this issue, stop making it about religion, thats what makes people resistant to the idea of legislating against this. There are plenty of non-religious reasons to be agaisnt abortion, but athiests are going to discount everything you say the second you start invoking Jesus or Satan. The left doesn't really believe in bodily autonomy as they have show by their actions during Covid

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I don't think there's really a coherent argument against abortion without involving religious dogma at some level. From a purely materialist standpoint it only makes sense to have abortions in families that aren't capable of giving a child a good upbringing.

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Non white and liberal white abortion is ok in white nations because they should not be there and I won't stop them removing themselves.

Also you're a new account and mimick another user named salos. Convince us you're a salos clone account and you will be banned.

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    No I'm not.

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    Is abortion a sin? Yes. But am I gonna stop people from doing it where it's an objective benefit to society? Fuck no