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By the way, who feeds black Africa? Is it also Russia and Ukraine? And it looks like my prediction about Egypt - which I made years ago now - is going to come to pass. If Egypt collapses there will be a migrant crisis Europe has never seen, and it will accelerate everything enormously. The entire liberal regime in the EU could fall in a matter of days.

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The entire liberal regime in the EU could fall in a matter of days.

Don't get me excited

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Poland in 2022 - "No black people shall cross our border!"

Europe in near future - "No black people shall cross our border!"

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Europe in near future - "No black people shall cross our border!"

Don't be so sure. The elite and millions of brainwashed masses are still traitors to the European cause. The issue isn't just the elite but the brainwashed masses who believe all the globohomo propaganda about how "no human is illegal". That are cut off from reality and really believe you can replace the European population without destroying Europe.

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In a parallel universe

White Europeans leave christianity and become muslim. Europe is a white muslim continent now

Muslims outside Europe (arabs and third world who wanted to conquer Europe) - "Inshallah"

White Islamic Europe - "No non-whites in our ethno-continent"

Muslims outside Europe - confused screeching

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I wish I was born in the 50s or 60s. Enjoy the White world at its peak with security before it all falls apart.

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Oh you will. Not quite the level of 60s but definitely better than what we have today. Unfortunately if the prediction comes true, we'll have to suffer till then. At this point if this is what it takes, then so be it.

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Yea that would be nice but it is also fun to live world changing times.

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Well I have 100 pounds of wheat ready to mill, my home is 100% solar and just last month I ordered emergency food supply like rice, beans, canned eggs and potatoes and such.

I knew the conflict was going to happen so I prepared.

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Awesome. I'm not quite there but getting close.

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All you can do is stock up, I also reload my own ammo so I hope I'm ready for anything.

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I don't reload yet but I've set up some agreements with neighbors where I help out cleaning brass and save brass and other reloading supplies and they allow me to reload using their equipment. It has made me a lot closer with my neighbors because we are working towards a shared goal. I've also got so much ammo stockpiled that I will only need to reload if I do a lot more target shooting. I don't shoot for fun as much as I use to due to ammo prices. Even reloading is getting pricey.

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Do u use assault rifles or carbines?

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Assault rifles

This is a media created term. If an 'assault rifle' is a fully automatic weapon nobody in the US has been able to own an 'assault rifle' since 1986 (excluding grandfathered weapons and special permits). I don't own any 'assault rifles' by that definition. Most of my weapons are hand me downs from my father and grandfather. I have a few newer rifles and handguns. I built my own AR** and my everyday carry is a sig 320. All of my weapons are of course legally owned and purchased/transported legally through a registered FFL. All my rifles are semi auto fire. I don't own any short barrel AR pistols either. I live in a state with very good gun laws so I know for certain my weapons are legally owned.

** A rmaLite R ifle clone


That word is losing a lot of meaning because it just means short version of a long barreled rifle (which meant something when the military has muskets and high caliber battle rifles). Carbine can mean a less powerful cartridge but not always. Most rifles sold today can be considered a carbine and even the US military issues more carbines then long barreled high caliber rifles. Carbine was a more popular term as the military transitioned from the musket to the garand to the M16; that was basically a transition from a rifle to a carbine. The US military of course still has high caliber long barrel rifles but they are no longer standard issue to the average rifleman.

You can see on this site as you look at old conflicts up to the 'war on terror' era there's a steady shrinking of barrel length and caliber. (older wars on the bottom)

Most of my rifles are a medium barrel length and medium caliber. Of course I also own shotguns (home defense and bird hunting).

To return to your question maybe you are asking if I own 'SBR's' (Short Barrel rifles) or maybe you're asking about PDW or Braced Pistol? I don't own any of those.

You're also asking if I 'use' my rifles? Why would I own a rifle and not use it?

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I got into reloading back in the early 80s, back then you could buy 20 pound cans of powder, we would go out every weekend and take 2000 + rounds e for target shooting. Now a pound is like $20 so I also don't go out as much, I always watch for sales and I know one of the sales dudes and give him nice gifts for Christmas so he let's me know when something is on sale.

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Based and ted-pilled

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Since the middle east will be hit hard I wonder if it will cause another refugee crisis. Will Europe have the will to reject them or will the traitors in power and their bugman and feminist supporters keep the borders open.

I have been referring to this decade as the "roaring 20's". It is going to be a time upheaval and geopolitical reordering. I hope all of this causes this world order to finally collapse.

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This is why I bought WEAT.

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I would've made so much money if I got cme wheat futures but I didn't feel like reopening that account. I really should've done commodity trading instead of /ES lol

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Globalism can only thrive in an environment of free trade and rising prosperity

Not necessarily. The wealthy elites will take advantage. Starving whites may be forced to sell their soul to Bill Gates for a loaf of bread.

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And here's just a few profiting off the war.

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This will be a glorious moment indeed.

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Yup. I've been prepping for about a year now. Ice Age Farmer (youtuber) also has some good videos out recently about this.

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Remember all that food we sent to feed children in Africa? Well those children are now all grown up now and able to pick up a rifle.

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