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Debunked propaganda that should have fooled no one. Do you also believe in Santa Claus, little girl?

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There's no conclusive evidence to say the Ghost is real or fake. I'm choosing to believe he's real, a man motivated to save his country from invasion.

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No, there is no evidence he is real. Unsubstsntiatd assurances telling you he is real, the way an adult would reassure a child that Santa Claus is real, should clue you in.

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    No, no, no, it was republican58 and southerndemocrat42 that were salos alts. This user has selected the number 50, so obviously it is someone else.

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    No idea who that is.

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    It's still White on White violence. There is no real winner in this.

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    The Ghost of Kiev being real is about as likely as radicalcentrist being a genuine white nationalist.

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    The Ghost of Kiev being real is about as likely as radicalcentrist

    I once heard radicalfag told a russian warship to go fuck him in the ass or something like that.

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    Notice radicacentrist is usually the first one or the most upvoted one to respond to obvious salos posts. This is the same game blork3d and salos-most likely the same person-used to play on reddit.

    Does anyone here admit to frequently upvoting his shit? It's obvious to me he is boosting with alt accounts, which would just be one of several bannable offenses, along with his clearly misrepresenting himself, which can be proven showing his early comments.

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    Take your meds.

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    Who is Salos? People have different opinions to you, this sub is on the front page regularly, this isn't an echo chamber.

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    Actually this sub is never on the front page that I've seen. You also arent stating an opinion. You are trolling using completely debunked fake news. Everyone who isnt a brainwashed midwit knows the Ghost of Kyiv was a total fabrication carried out by a combination of the Jewlinsky regime and the Jew media, which proliferated with the help of plenty of dumb goys. There is zero evidence he ever existed and everything that initially was associated with him has proven to be fake.

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    Edjean50 is the latest salos alt. I think he stopped taking his meds again.

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    Ooooooooo is Salos some kind of boogeyman on this sub?

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    There's an incredible amount of fake news involved in this war, possibly unlike anything we've ever seen before. Even the whole Western media perception of how the war is playing out clearly contradicts what's actually happening on the ground.

    For example, look at both of these article's headlines.

    'The war in Ukraine hasn't gone well for Russia. But it has more weapons it can deploy':

    'Ukraine war: Ukraine can absolutely win against Russia - Blinken'

    This article (and Blinken) is particularly delusional. It's the same kind of talk as the American spooks claiming that Kabul would be encircled and fall within 90 days, when the Taliban didn't even bother encircling it and it fell in less than 7. It's a feedback loop: fake news is propagated through the mass media and becomes 'truth'; the mass media believe their own fake news and interpret future events through the lens of this 'truth', and thus move further and further away from reality each iteration.

    "If it's the intention of Moscow to try somehow to topple the government and install its own puppet regime, 45 million Ukrainians are going to reject that one way or the other," he said.

    As if to say that the current regime isn't a Judeo-NATO-EU puppet.

    Stiff resistance by Ukrainian forces continued to hamper Russian advances across the country on the ninth day of the invasion.

    Asked if he was convinced Ukrainian [sic!] could win, he said: "Over time, absolutely."

    Now, let's look at the reality. Wikipedia's list of military engagements with links to each individual one includes the current result of each engagement:

    And let's tally the number of each:

    Ten 'Ongoing'

    Nine Russian victories

    Two Ukrainian victories

    Two 'Inconclusive'

    So... of battles with clear outcomes, Russia has won nine and Ukraine two. If Russia is winning over 4x the engagements of Ukraine... just how exactly is a Ukrainian victory 'absolutely' possible? The only war that they're winning is the 'information war' (i.e. the fake news, propaganda war), with the whole Western media willingly becoming the Zelensky regime's propaganda department.

    Even after Kiev falls, Zelensky has fled or died, and the rest of the country begins crumbling without a ruling regime to fight for, these losers will still preserve this narrative. 'Just keep waiting, goys! The resistance will make a comeback! The Ukrainian government-in-exile will make a comeback!'

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    How the hell does that match the Ukrainian triumphalist narrative

    It took Germany six weeks to invade France, but talking heads claimed Kiev (Kyiv in wrongspell) would fall in 3 days. The russian blitzkrieg is taking so long, hence the notion that Ukraine's fierce warriors have defeated Putins army of toddlers.

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    By adopting an initially alarmist/defeatist view (three days), the inevitable refutation of that view (obviously Kiev wouldn't fall in three days, since it's the Zelensky regime's HQ and by far the most populous city) actually aids the current triumphalist view. The level of triumphalism right now would be less sustainable if they instead said 'one month': not enough time has surpassed to refute that claim.

    Initial alarmism/defeatism reinforces overall optimistic/triumphalist narratives like this 'Ghost of Kiev' nonsense. 'The worst case scenario hasn't happened, goys, stop being downers and accept everything is going to be absolutely great!'

    Now they're going to be stuck in this phase for, at the very least, several months. That being said, a new alarmist view (Ukraine is simply Putin's Sudetenland, he plans to invade more countries!) related to the contemporary obsession with reductio ad Hitlerum has been out there as well, but it doesn't necessarily contradict the other. Putin could still be 'Russian Hitler', lose in his 'Sudetenland', and later attack some other place instead. He'll be 'Russian Hitler' whether he wins or loses, of course. That's absolutely assured.

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    I hope these Russia/Germany comparisons come to an end.

    Putin doesn't have half the braincells, nor the same courage that Hitler did.

    I'll also point out that the French Army was an even match for Germany (Hitler was expecting a million casualties for conquering France). Ukraine is much smaller than Russia yet the latter still doesn't have complete air superiority.

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    Doesn't that encapsulate the martial,heroic and brave nature you want White men to be?

    Nothing compares to the heroic deeds of this brave fowl.

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