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Apparently the rules are that Ukrainian citizens have priority because you can't really be a refugee from a country you aren't a citizen of anyway. Those people could get a flight home.

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They took the risk when they could've had it easier in Nigeria scamming other Nigeria blacks.

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They call themselves students, but it's situations like these why I would never stay in a foreign country for an indefinite period of time.

You will always be seen as an outsider without rights.

But I also blame the Liberal lunatics for trying to push a globalized world. If they stayed in Africa, they wouldn't be in this mess.

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Giving them an inch of leeway, they probably didn't expect for Russia to actually attack Ukraine. I take it back though, since they should've for the past few years, but I guess the high time preference and the willingness to torment whites are just too strong of urges.

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This is pretty shitty, the students have no bone in this fight and they shouldn't be treated this way, Poland should ensure the guards on the bordered are disciplined and non biased. After that, work should be done to get them home. If you're reply please don't have it be childish insults, this subreddit advertises itself as being for good faith discussion.

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People here like me are very passionate about securing the existance of our race and nations. This is why we get aggressive when we sense anything that threatens our existence.

Do you agree that they should go back? Perhaps you do as you have said - "work should be done to get them home". But you have to understand that in situations like these, protecting Europeans will always be the top priority. We ethnonationalists will never invade nations inhabited by the non Europeans. We'll not harm them like the current empire does. We just don't want them here. It doesn't matter to us what happens to them. We didn't cause this chaos. We didn't put them in this situation and by "we" I mean the ethnonationalists. So we have no obligation to protect them. Our race comes first. They shouldn't have come here in the first place.

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I can understand yes but I don't get the hatred for them based on their race. The invasion is not their fault. They were invited in as students and I wish people on here would recognize humanity and have empathy.

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I don't get the hatred for them based on their race

Most of non Europeans hate us. Even in times of war, these people are complaining why Europeans are given preference in Europe. What do they expect? How much preference will we get in their lands? Not all of us hate them but the ones who do - it's completely understandable. After all the anti white propaganda and the attitude, audacity and animosity of non whites towards us in our own homelands have contributed to this hatred. Have you heard what they say about us or seen the crimes they commit to hurt us? They do this while they live in our homelands. So hatred is the normal response.

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They don't, what we see online is not reality. A few folks on twitter do not represent entire races.

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Perhaps you're right but that doesn't mean we must let them immigrate here in our homelands. I think we both agree with this.

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I am not a part of this conversation, but I would specifically like to address this:

what we see online is not reality

This is not correct. Obviously, those people you see on Twitter are no less real than you or me. Dismissing what you see online just because it is online is a mistake. Instead, you should be looking to identify how the online activities of various groups map to their offline activities in places like HR departments, government institutions, NGOs, media agencies etc and see for yourself where power resides, how it is used, to what end, and to whose benefit.

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Because they are low IQ, violent savages only capable of producing excrement and fucking like bonobos. A complete deadweight for humanity.


White "empathy" is a big reason for how easily the Js have subverted our nations.

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How is white empathy itself not Jewish subversion?

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Because whites were genetically predisposed to altruistic behaviours which aided the subversion itself.

Did the Js also dial it up with their propaganda? 100%

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I thought you were implying that encouragement of empathy of whites was induced behavior.

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If you're reply please don't have it be childish insults, this subreddit advertises itself as being for good faith discussion.

I think that after the Reddit quarantine and ban, a lot of the people here have lost the ability to interact with ideological outsiders. The old debate forum was a much better place for people with different perspectives who wanted to learn more.

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Yup, I'm thinking based

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FoxySDTWhite Nationalist 2 insightful - 1 fun - 1 day ago Yup, I'm thinking based PNG

Oh sweet the Polish have Ice Cream :D

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Gotta love those Polish bastards, LOL.