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This is going to be a supply chain disaster of epic proportions. The shooting and fighting is far from the most destructive part of this war. Russia is a massive exporter of fertilizers and both Ukraine and Russia export a lot of food. Food prices were high already before the war. Start your own preparedness. Fill your pantry with stuff that you usually consume. Unlike preppers you don't have to buy stuff to provide you with all your food, just buy a major supply of cereal, flour, rice and pasta. Those types of goods will become expensive.

I am very much into gardening, and supplies used in May here in Scandinavia are already selling out. There has never been such demand. I know the local sellers of food gardening supplies and they are not hit too bad by the supply chain crisis, instead they are facing insane demand. If you have access to land plant potatoes. They are healthier than wheat and planted potatoes are cheap. You don't have to own land, just ask around and you will find a plot. If you have a large garden you are less impacted by food prices. Hunting, fishing, beekeeping and berry picking are other hobbies that will provide you with food.

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This is good advice. I'd also advise people to raise chickens. They can be fed with leftovers and are a goid source of protein. Also get armed. If hunger strikes, you can expect mobs of joggers to go around pillaging the cities.

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The article reveals some intersting information, these creatures from north africa bred like rats and now are literally dependent on europe for food.

Ukraine was the source of 80 percent of the 600,000 to 650,000 tonnes of wheat imported annually by Lebanon

Tunisia relies on Ukrainian and Russian imports for 60 percent of its total wheat consumption, according to agriculture ministry expert

Egypt still has nine months of stock to feed its more than 100 million people. That is an ominous sign for the 70 percent of the population who receive five subsidised breads a day.

I wonder if such wave of migration will finally convince europe to close the doors. I skeptical about it but we'll have to see.

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We feed, they breed. It's madness.

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Both in their countries and in ours, it is unbelievable.

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I looked at this thread and found out about "bread riots". Was that really a thing?

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When and where? Historically, bread riots do happen. Both the French Revolution and the February Revolution started as bread riots.

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In Egypt. Their government cut bread subsidies years ago and reinstated them after riots happened.

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I did not know about that. Interesting.

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Yes, it was caused by sudden increase in price of wheat based products.

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Turkey has just cut off Russia's main route to the middle east.

I don't know why they are picking a side. Maybe public opinion in Turkey is for it?

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No, they barred entry to all warships. This is a good move to prevent further escalation from Britain and the US.

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The Russian fleet is already in the Black Sea. It's a meaningless gesture now.

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No, to stop them getting out.

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Where would the Russian navy be going?

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Can I ask, do you want this to happen in the name of "acceleration"?

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