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I always said this back on Reddit. Even if they aren't /oursubs/ we should make subreddit like it, post based memes and write captions like "Wow this is so horrible" lol

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Yeah a number of people have known this for a while. /r/AHS is a great way to find based subs too. You can completely avoid censorship on r*ddit as long as the content is presented with the correct framing.

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lmao That one meme of black women never being raped by white men actually made me laugh. Literally nobody wants them.

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The top one:

I remember the cheddar man reconstructions which were made to look black and androgynous, and the deviantart reconstruction of yamnayans which made them look indian which was bandied by pajeet supremacists everywhere.

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The Emily Youcis one is amazing.

Yo Ass is Fine Art, BITCH!

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It's all well and good that these exist, but for them to actually convert normies we need to have a presence in those subs. Take the black-white rape thread. The image has the url to the relevant report, yet the top comment is:

I highly doubt zero black women weren't rape by white men.That's clearly BS.

Translation: "I didn't actually read the document, I just assume they're lying because they're nahtzees lol".

There's a guy asking "what does the source actually say", someone replies with the link and comments "the poster is wrong, obviously, but i don't have time right now to write down the stats". Nowhere in the ensuing thread is it evident that anyone actually saw the 0.0 that is clearly present in the black rape victim/white perp cell of Table 42. There should have been one of our guys in the thread to screenshot the table with the zero circled in red.

This guy correctly notes that 25.2% (with an asterisk) of the black-victim cases have an unknown/available race for the perp. Someone should have taken him to task about how a victim could possibly not know the race of the perp and how that 25.2% should be interpreted in light of that consideration.

This guy should have been pressed on the whole "The reason why [BM/WF is more common than WM/BF] is a little more complicated, but it probably has something to do with the fact that we as a society percieve black people as more masculine" because that's a road toward racial realism, but none of our guys were around to do it.

This guy doesn't understand the difference between past and present. No one calls him out on it.

A normie coming across this page would see a meme that is outside the realm of permissible thought and a bunch of comments that wrongly suggest there is no need to think any more on the matter. And the normie, who is lazy, sees no reason to think they're wrong. So nothing changes.

It would be too obvious a brigade to necro a 5-month old thread, but we do need people keeping an eye on these subs who will step in and calmly, subtly, and non-wignattily draw the conversation the way it needs to go.

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Mods will just ban you and remove your comments, you'd have to do some really smart concern trolling to get away with it. You'd also need a comment history that doesn't out you, would be pretty much impossible to get away with this unless you just post in a bunch of gaming/sports etc subs and then sometimes drop stuff in these.

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Now that you've described how it could be done, it hardly seems impossible. A quick glance through the sub shows enough genuinely laughable garbage that would be easy even for us to poke fun at for camouflage.

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The last one about black-on-white crime honestly belongs more on Klandma than on the Hitler sub. Funny though.

What else, someone strawmanned the first post into believing that the alt-right rejects genetics when it's convenient. They probably don't understand the ability to just tell the true stuff from the junk in the movement.