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CIA gay op. National Endowment for democracy, a noted CIA front funds many ''democracy and freedom'' NGOs and media groups in the country. It's almost a step-by-step copy of their earlier Lukashenko blunder.

Nur-sultan ruled the country with an iron fist since the fall of the USSR. He recently stepped down from the presidency and let a puppet rule in his stead while he pulled the strings from the shadows. He flirted with both the west and Russia like Lukashenko.

His tight pack of cronies hoards most of the country's wealth. There's genuine resentment there and the CIA used it to start a violent revolution. The Kazakh president Tokayev was smarter than Yanukovich in Ukraine and stood firm but the security apparatus showed signs of wavering. However, then Russia started sending troops to the country to help the embattled Kazakh regime.

I guess this terrified the Kazakh security apparatus into compliance. They realize that if they allow the CIA goons to overthrow the government, the Russians would invade and either butcher them all and put Tokayev back or annex the northern part of the country.

The government won't fall.

This is a spectacular blunder by the CIA in the same vein as Belarus. They hoped to encircle Russia by placing a shitlib government near her but all it accomplished was pushing the country into a dependency with Russia. Lukashenko was flirting with the west and impeding all attempts at reunion with Russia. Then the CIA launched its color revolution and forced him into Moscow's arms.

The modern CIA comes off as really inept. They are not as competent and farsighted as they were under Dulless or William Donovan. They seem to be drunk on their own democracy and butt sex kool-aid.

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    Thanks a lot.

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    They also have massive watersheds, and aquifers.

    TPTB are anticipating the approaching grand solar minimum, and the significant reduction in growing zones.

    The great reset was timed to coincide with this natural cycle.
    This a major reason that the WEF predicted mass human migrations. Possibly the primary reason.

    The supply chains are being sabotaged in advance of cyclic natural disasters.

    Intensity is intensifying. Jagshemash!

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      Mexican cartel, secessionists, or Islamists in the West

      Those groups are already armed. Islamists have no reason to revolt because they're the establishment's beloved pet. The cartels are heavily armed and make serious money and are quite satisfied with the status quo.

      Secessionists have weapons but have no leadership, ideology, or balls. The Russians should send agents to organize them in secret though such an act would invite massive retaliation from the American regime. Russia though strong is nowhere near the level of the US even as it decays.

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      Lukashenko was flirting with the west and impeding all attempts at reunion with Russia. Then the CIA launched its color revolution and forced him into Moscow's arms.

      Thats exactly what they tried to do in Kazakhstan as well. It comes off as very stupid. Why would the Deep State stage a colour revolution against a regime that is co-operating with them? Its just stupid and greedy. They don't just want influence in these countrys, they want total control of them. Instead, the Deep State ended up squeezing too hard and lost their hold on them.

      The Saker wrote an article on the Kazakh colour revolution, and what its failure means in central Asia. He thinks that the Russians had foreknowledge of the coup attempt, due to their very quick and decisive response.

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        I think so too.

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        Riots for more 'freedom' in a Russian aligned former Soviet state. Sound bet is on at least some kind of American or international NGO involvement.

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        This is why Putin threw out all of the Western NGOs as soon as he became president.

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        Trouble's been brewing for years.

        To Americans it looks out of the blue because they don't take an interest in other countries unless it fits with their boring tribal politics.

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        Si. This is what is meant when someone says "destabilized". Not higher gas prices, people stealing from the state armory and shooting at the army.

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        They're having another running of the Jew.

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        they have high oil prices even tho it should be cheap for their people since it's an oil rich country

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        My first guess was the CIA. But do they really believe, they will be more successful than in Belarus? Even if they were successful, do they really believe Russia would not react?

        The obvious alternative would be the KGB, FSB or however they call themselves today. Russia might search for a reason to send troops into the country to annex it. A fake revolution would be a great pretense.

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        Borat is making another movie. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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