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I'm of the opposite opinion. I think we should turn inward and create small pro white communities in our own nations. Parallel economies are part of this movement. As our nations continue to erode we will need a refuge for ourselves and for whites escaping the chaos. A refuge with it's own finance, it's own religion, it's own laws and it's own goals.

There is very little outlet for people that are waking up to white racial consciousness. This needs addressed immediately. At this point in time white imperialism is a pipe dream. How can whites expand and 'retake' old ground when we are losing the ground we currently occupy? Who will support a 'retake' of Constantinople when most whites don't even see the world from a racial perspective? I'm not totally opposed to a long term project where whites have more of an international governing presence. It's in our genetics to push out, explore, conquer, discover and fight. As the world shrinks from technology, finance and advancing methods of transportation all isolated communities will be threatened more and more. I think this is a big reason Germany lost both wars. Blood and soil mindset combined with a strong sense of respect for other nationalities led them to avoid colonizing. The countries that took the opposite approach ended up defeating the Germans. Look how being the good guy paid off. Today Germany is accused by Jews and those that would push CRT as being 'evil colonizers'. Nothing is further from the truth. We should not make that mistake twice. We should not allow a morality we apply to our nation and racial family be applied to non whites; especially those that would do us harm.

If we don't quickly redevelop a sense of racial unity and racial defense we will cease to exist as a people.

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How many of us are still even 'we'? The reasons for the ongoing loss of racial unity and identity have to be addressed or the numbers of 'we' will continue shrinking. The main problem is the vast majority of humans of any race are easy to manipulate, so 'most people' simply accept the society and mental programming they're presented with.

When your enemy has control of the programming mechanisms (media, education, government, etc) your position is a loser. Their control has to be disrupted or removed to have a chance of replacing their brainwashing propaganda.

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But Germany did colonize Namibia,Tanzania and Cameroon. The reason they didn't colonize to the extent of others was the country didn't unify until 1871 and the lack of a navy and coast line.