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The middle east would be a far less Islamic and Semitic place. Turkey would've been carved up entirely. Western Anatolia going to Greece, the east going to Armenia, and the Pontic coast taken over by Russia. There would be thrice or four times the number of Greeks and Armenians without the genocides and far fewer Turks as they'd have little land to squat in.

Unfortunately for Europe, the country named Britain existed at the time.

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I do wonder how many Turkish people are actually mostly Turk. Possibly after they invaded they just counted most people who were Muslims as Turks, like what happened in the Balkans with ethnicity being labelled along religious lines more than ancestry.

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Turks had a long-winded strategy of genetic improvement by kidnapping white girls or encouraging or even forcing men of value to "become Turks", which basically meant to become muslims. Those who didn't accept the deal were executed, often by torture. Not to mention their systematic children grabbing.

They never included gypsy children in their scope, as they considered them low value.