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I think it is very sad that the only way there will be real change in America is basically by collapsing the country and forcing the people into a situation so extreme that their only option will be to form their own communitys or to die. I think the fact that the Americans never really did anything to seriously challenge their tyrannical government will become a historical indictment against them.

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the only way there will be real change in America is basically by collapsing the country

There isn't going to be a collapse. It will be a slow, gradual decline into a racial jungle.

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Its almost certainly going to happen within the next 20 years, and more likely within the next few years.

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Yes, many of the things Jared points out may happen at some point in the future. Things will certainly get worse before they get better. But this is all a blessing in disguise. It will accelerate the breakup of the United States. We need the collapse to happen sooner rather than later. After Biden stole the election from Trump, a hard crash for the U.S. became inevitable. It is better for the crash to happen in the next 2 years than in the next 20 years. If collape happens soon, whites in the U.S. will be in an excellent position to retake the country.

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Why would you expect a breakup? Whites are content and are not going to sacrifice everything. They don't even value their race.

Secession isn't likely when Whites have Elen Degeneres, Football, and comic book movies to entertain them. If secession did happen it would just be zionist conservatives seceeding.

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This isn't the 90's. Whites are far from content. Some of the boomers have enough money and physical isolation that they can block themselves off from reality but there are a LOT of pissed off white people of every political viewpoint. Just look at how much wealth the boomer class holds vs gen x and millennials despite productivity continuing to rise. This is a looting operation plain and simple.

Whites are also starting to notice that they are the ones holding up the standards of a polite society and they are having their backs broken over it. Look at the white burnout rate in teaching, police, medical, retail, etc. Everyone that has a job that has to deal daily with non whites is getting stressed the fuck out. More and more people are realizing that white people are the only one that have to follow all the laws perfectly and non whites get tons of leeway especially if their crimes impact white people and white culture. Anarcho Tyranny is getting worse. It's unsustainable.

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Whites are content and are not going to sacrifice everything.

That won't last for long. Discontent is already spreading. Mass unrest and poverty will make inactivity unfeasible. When the political situation descends to the level of life or death, then the average person will take action. If not, then they will die, and they will deserve it. Self preservation is the most basic instinct of all organisms.

Secession isn't likely when Whites have Elen Degeneres, Football, and comic book movies to entertain them.

All of the things you mentioned suck ass. Entertainment as a whole has gone down the shitter lately, and only the urban bugmen are entertained by the garbage on TV today. Even the rednecks and trailer trash have been abstaining from sportsball lately.

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Discontent is already spreading.

I'm skeptical that White people are capable of the day of the cleanse. Is there evidence you could cite?

Remember when the National Guard forced niggers into White schools, and no one did anything? White quality today appears a tiny fraction of what it was then, so the idea that nu-Whites will stampede is a little hard to believe.

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You seem to be under the impression that I was talking about a suddening awakening and uprising. That is not what I was implying. I was talking about something more gradual and organic; increasing disgust with the system leading to people forming their own insular communitys which can support each other.

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Ah, but then that would essentially be the "Whites sacrifice almost everything" scenario. Once the US collapses to the point communities can just separate, there are a number of players with an interest in getting some of the action. It really looks like we've built a position in the world that we can't sustain, and can't back away from either.

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Agreed, there isnt going to be a breakup until it gets much worse for whites. Even in South Africa, many whites just double down on lies. Some whites are starting to catch on, but we are turning into a corporate police state, where the new police will be deployed to arrest white dissenters and protect white liberals and blacks from "white supremacy".

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Corporations, both big and small, control our lives just as much as the government. Schools are also very powerful and influential. These institutions will continue to expand and push anti-white policies. The elites will not need the government to pass anti-white laws, since the corporations will do the work for them.

They will also step aside when whites are attacked. The goverment's role will be to get out of the way of the leftists to do as they please and step in to prosecute any whites that try to defend themselves.

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This is why covid destroying small businesses really hurt white people. I believe something like 50 percent of small businesses went under during the lockdowns ( most white owned) along with antifa and BLM burning them down. Biden government gave special programs for non-white businesses and corporations running non-stop ads to support black/non-white small businesses now as well.

Makes it much easier to enforce anti-white policies, when you can't work anywhere/shop anywhere unless you lie to yourself.

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Yes, we have been undergoing consolidation for decades and it accellerated during covidism. About 700 companies control America and 99.9% of them support wokism.

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    We can leave for the mother continent or we can form our own insular communities.

    Most European countries have removed 'right of return' for white people. Somalis and arabs of all flavors are welcome though. Forming insular communities is a good idea but we need to do it fast.

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      You will create a situation where you are stateless and your host country can't get rid of you.

      All white people are already stateless. Traveling to Europe would just be a change of scenery and piss away a lot of resources and social networks.

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      Which European countries still have right of return?

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      Italy does, with some exceptions.

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      Ireland and Hungary do as well.

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      I might move to Hungary. Ireland is lost.

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      What would be a compelling reason to move to Hungary?

      Hungary has a continental climate, with hot summers with low overall humidity levels but frequent showers and frigid to cold snowy winters. Average annual temperature is 9.7°C. Temperature extremes are about 42°C in the summer and −29°C in the winter.

      Why would this not be a reason to avoid or flee?

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      The appeal of Hungary is very few niggers and the regime and corporate instutions are not frothing at the mouth anti-white, at least for now.

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      There are under 2% niggers in this part of California (up from 0% when I moved here), and the climate is the best. I don't have anything to do with the leftists and anti-white crowd. If I lived in a place that wasn't pretty much the ideal, I might consider Eastern Europe, or even Belarus. But I can't see moving inland after experiencing this.,47.267,20.010,8

      Looks like morning there, by the web cams. If they're not on in that link, click the icon in the lower right.

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      What part of california?

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      The coastal fog zone between LA and SF. North of the bay area is definitely colder and wetter. Too far south and then you're close to LA.

      This appears to be the zone with the least temperature variation in the US. Doesn't freeze in the winter. Averages highs of mid 70s in the summer. 73 today. People who love being hot and sticky would hate it here. Summer nights cool off to the 50s, due to the cool air incoming off the 53F Pacific ocean.

      My last winter inland, it didn't get above 10F for 21 days straight. Did go quite a bit lower at night.

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      Ireland does not have the right of return. I'm half and there is absolutely no path for me to return there (which I would of course) aside from marrying my best friend.

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      Read that it was recently implemented, and that if you have a Great Grandparent who had Irish citizenship you qualify. Might be wrong though.

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      I'll tell you the worst case scenario. We play cowboys and nigians.

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      My main criticism of the NW Initiative, or the gathering of alt right into one place, is that alt right is so unlikely to do it. Not to discourage, but you would need thousands leaving their lives to do it.

      I still think the only possible solution is to wake up Whites before it's too late. Everyone could pair up with another alt right and flyer entire towns with compelling propaganda, going city after city.

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      Everyone could pair up with another alt right and flyer entire towns with compelling propaganda

      No you couldn't. You would get arrested for littering, harrassment, mischeif, hate crimes, bias intimidation, or laws like this:

      Edit: Also, niggers would kill you and the headlines would read "Black birdwatchers defend themselves against neonazi terrorists".

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      Your risk would be low if "going city after city" were your technique.

      Doing it in your own area means you'll probably be captured on video, and your 'hate crime' will result in a public plea to "help us identify this White Supremacist". That's what would happen here, anyway.