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This reminds me of an Iraqi refugee in America who, after having survived the Ba'ath, IS and all of the other groups in that region, was killed by a black male in a drive-by shooting.

I think there was a post made here not long ago about how certain American cities are statistically more violent than many of those cities who hold the reputation of being among the world's most violent.

And I remember years ago the claim that Detroit was so murderous that American soldiers in Baghdad were statistically less likely to be killed.

It is thus no surprise that a number of amusing terms are used to describe these cities by those who despize them: Shitcago, Chicongo, Detoilet, and San Franshitsco (the latter alluding also to the poop epidemic), as examples.

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And I remember years ago the claim that Detroit was so murderous that American soldiers in Baghdad were statistically less likely to be killed.

The military sends their doctors to these cities because it's the perfect learning experience on treating combat wounds.

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Surprisingly, Omaha and Milwaukee experienced the highest percentage growth in crime last year, significantly higher than any of the above or other major cities.

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When your crime rates are extremely low any slight increase is a major percentage jump.

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Thats tragicomic. Imagine: You escape the North Korean shithole only to be robbed in the Chicago shithole.

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Juche gang sends their regards, traitor😎👍

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She was probably creating a scene and wasn't getting any public support.

Anyone who's been to Korea knows it's racist AF over there.

If you're American (of any color) and you get in a car accident, then it's 1000% the Americans fault. You're not going to find a judge that rules otherwise.

Park claimed that if the same incident had happened in North Korea, the bystanders would have immediately helped the victim.

They would have said, "What the hell are those black girls doing here? They're probably up to no good!"

Objectively, they would be foolish to trust foreigners.

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    South Korea and North Korea aren't comparable so your comparison with regard to car accidents is a daft one.

    Sounds like you have a reason to believe North Koreans are less racist.

    I'd trust a Korean of any kind before I'd trust a bootlipped American pavement ape, whose culture is lying to and about white people.

    Here taking crazy, huh

    Are you from unit 8200?

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    We don't victim blame here you misogynist bigot.


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    Yeah, well I'm not really blaming anyone. Who knows why it happened, or if this story is even real.

    I'm skeptical of everything I hear from any given "news" source.

    Supposedly, there's a super deadly pandemic that's affecting everyone in the world; except for the alleged county of origin.
    A grand total of about 5000 deaths in a country of 1.3 billion.

    Two summers later, and it's almost pandemic season again... :-/

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    Wonder if those tits were made in the US.

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    In any decent place she would have shot all 3 attackers and the cops would have picked up the corpses.

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    Blackie Black!