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John von Neumann and the other Martians.

There's probably some more scientists on this list

Chess champion Bobby Fischer.

Also some of the Austrian economics people, Mises, Rothbard, Block. They don't get everything right but I think they've detailed a lot of economic issues very well.

When I was exploring critiques of religion, I enjoyed Christopher Hitchens very much.

Andrew Breitbart for exposing a lot of corruption and Ron Unz for providing many DR writers a platform.

Not too familiar with him but I've seen Paul Gottfried's name came up here and there in the DR, although I'm not very familiar with him.

Some authors: Mortimer Adler has done a lot of work in the area of education and the classics with How to Read a Book and his Great Books of the Western World series. He also supposedly converted to Catholicism on his deathbed; Robert Greene of 48 Laws of Power; famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, enjoyed his Foundation series.

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Also some of the Austrian economics people, Mises, Rothbard, Block. They don't get everything right but I think they've detailed a lot of economic issues very well.


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Regarding economics, who else would you recommend reading? I have Veblen's Theory of the Leisure Class but have yet to read it.

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/u/Ethnocrat is the guy for Veblen stuff

I would recommend fascists of course, look up the policies they pursued and read the critiques and such they produced. The Coming Corporate state is a short read, also read Feder's stuff. has some insightful stuff posted on it.

I think in terms of like academic economic theory stuff Keynes' school is the most similar to nationalist stuff so if you're going to read that stuff maybe go for Keynesian and neo-Keynesian stuff. I don't read anything like that though so I have no idea on that front. I simply invent my own economic theory and analysis as I go along😎👍

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Austrian Economics is correct, this is one thing the alt right isn't right about.

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Yes and no. I think it's correct about economics but doesn't properly factor in other social variables, i.e. GDP isn't everything. Hence why I think it's probably a good guide, but then you need to take into account the social consequences.

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Breitbart was almost certainly of mostly European gentile ancestry. He was adopted, so, given Jewish adoption practices, I am sure he had some Jewish lineage, but probably one of those mostly Aryan bits assimilated into Jewish culture (like Candace Bergen or Maggie Gyllenhaal).

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Abigail Shrier's book Irreversible Damage is commendable. I think she is an inherently decent woman. I like her.

Not a fan of Simon and Garfunkel.

Florian of Kraftwerk supposedly has Jewish ancestry on his mother's side. I do not care for Kraftwerk all that much but understand how they are a foundational music of so much of the industrial, aggrotech, ebm, and martial industrial I do like.

Ron Unz.

Bret Weinstein seems honorable even though I disagree with him about a deal. Same goes for NronanFinielstein (with whom I disagree about almost everything except the Holocaust Industry, Allen Dershowitz), etc

Spielberg did well with Jaws and Duel but there is much to dislike about pretty much everything he does. Watch Raiders of the lost ark as if ghosts of the Wehrmacht were there watching it with you.. you will not like so much then.

I believe creators of Back to the Future are Jewish. Nothing objectionable in that.

The Nazis' denunciation of Fritz Lang is incredibly stupid, short-sighted.

I happen to like Franz Kafka, although I can only remember metamorphosis with any luciidty (read it in English and later in German).

Heinrich Heine was a twat.

That is all I can think of, for now.

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Zemeckis is a half Italian catholic although I think the other writer of bttf was jewish.

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90% of what I like, used to follow etc was by jews

This is one of the things that red pilled me on the JQ, because I realized their competitors got deplatformed. The fact that those I liked were jews was a direct consequence of the systemic racism against whites in the western world.

I've found that jews have 3 clear advantages intellectually.
1) Change of perspective/relativity
2) Change of the environment to reach their goal (rather than directing trying to change the thing that that they want to have changed)
3) Verbal intelligence

I think both of these advantages are genetic and have come from them living as minorities for thousands of years.

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This is one of the things that red pilled me on the JQ, because I realized their competitors got deplatformed.

That's a very profound observation. Certainly there were jewish artists who were good, but there were plenty of others (non-jewish) who were simply ignored by the media system, the same system that promoted jewish artists.

Take Rodrigez for example. He was better than many other contemporaries, who were promoted while he was driven to poverty. The difference was that they were jewish and he was not.

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Want another one? Let's call it the kosher generational sandwich.

B turns out to be an extreme positive outlier. Jewess kazar milker A marries him. They get a child AB.
AB then gets married to the male jew C. B's y-dna and mtdna is eliminated.
The jewish Borg tribe has assimilated Bs lineage into the tribe.

I've seen this happen multiple times IRL and it is definitely coordinated.

They do other things too to eliminate competition. They're very crafty.

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Same tactic used with feminism, no fault divorce, and lawyers.

$11.9bn Family Law & Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys in the US Market Size in 2021

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      Stanley Kubrick

      Didn't even know he was Jewish.

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      Popeye the Sailor was made by Jews. It also features the best fight scene in animation history.

      By the way, I have no problem with Jews as individuals. There can obviously be a lot of good ones who have nothing to do with the Elites.

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      Stanley Kubrick

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      Hans zimmer is a personal favourite of mine as well. I also really enjoy Aaron Copland's music. In terms of thinkers atzmon and Paul gottfried are two guys I really enjoy. I have a lot of respect for Aaron mate, Glen greenwald and to a slightly lesser extent Max blumenthal as well and try and read their stuff whenever possible. Kubrick was a great director obviously. In terms of pop culture I really like Larry David.

      One thing I've noticed though is that aside from Larry David the Jews I tend to like aren't very Jewish in sensibity if that makes any sense. Kubrick is an arch example of that and him marrying the descendant of a major nazi family never struck me as accidental.

      Edit: I'll add a word about the Coen brothers as well. A lot of their earlier films rub me the wrong way and strike me as gawk at the dumb goys Jewish silliness. However I think some of their films are really great and almost pro-white. Whenever I watch No country for old men I can't help but watch it as a warning about white displacement. Hail, caesar is a really interesting film that includes a sub-plot where a dumb, impressionable actor is seduced by some Frankfurt school Jews into supporting communism and one of the climactic scenes is Josh brolin slapping him and telling him to stfu about all this commie gobeldigook and be happy to be an American. A serious man is a genuinely counter-semitic film which explores the utter emptiness of Judaism. Its well worth watching.

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      One thing I've noticed though is that aside from Larry David the Jews I tend to like aren't very Jewish in sensibity if that makes any sense. Kubrick is an arch example of that and him marrying the descendant of a major nazi family never struck me as accidental.

      Was going to say something similar. Perhaps it goes over my head, but it's like so long as they're not being corrosive they're fine. CYE is fantastic. Given the over-representation of them in so many fields, I can't help but wonder if the more sensible minds get drowned out or peer pressured into going with it. Like what Frame Games routinely brought up.

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      I think you guys fall for the Jewish mainstream view. Kubrick is a part of their little cult, silly apes.

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        He'll or highwater blew me away. Couldn't believe it got made. Ben foster is another Jewish person to add to the list because he's a fine actor. Regarding the Coens I think they pepper many of their films with those types. The gentile blonde neighbour with his guns and menacing attitude in a serious man comes to mind as an example of that type -- although that could just as easily be interpreted as a comment on Jewish paranoia. I agree with you about the wholesomeness of many of their messages though.

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          I think my favourite scene is the discussion between Jeff bridges and his Indian deputy where they're driving through post-industial Texas with all its unused faces and industry and the Indian guy says something like 'you people conquered this land, now you're giving it away without a fight to the banks' (something like that)

          It was the first film since interstellar that I watched and it felt like it was made personally for me.

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          Everything mentioned is either products of the occult, or sub-par. How silly.

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          The guy who made conan the barbarian

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          Read my post. :)

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          John Milius is Jewish.

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          Oh, you meant the movie not the book.

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          I always thought it must have been some nebbish jew insult directed towards milius that the Coen brothers made Walter sobchak the character in lebowski that was based on him just a convert to Judaism. Almost like they were saying 'you ain't no real jew you gun toting, macho mad man you're goy to the core'.

          Again though milius is another example of a jew who is entertaining and interesting specifically because he wasn't that Jewish in sensibility.

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          Nah don't think so. Ed Wynn was tho and kicked ass in the twilight zone. My controversial claims would be Jim Varney and Terry Davis

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          The director of the 1934 version of Les Miserables.

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            As for film-composers i think Jerry Goldsmith and David Shire should also be mentioned. (Though the greatest of all is a 100% European: Ennio Morricone of course!)

            I couldn't have said it better myself.

            By the way, the greatest film score of all time was also done by a Jew. The Lord of the Rings score by Howard Shore.

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                  Atonioni should have sued De Palma for blow out.

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                  Bruce Broughton is my favourite

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                  I never give it a first thought much less a second thought as to whether some artist or thinker is a jew or not. What does it matter.