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"She's black, so we might look racist if we say that what she did was bad, so instead let's enthusiastically say it was doubleplusgood!"

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Being a scared quitter makes you superhuman.

Between Ngubu missing three penalties and Simone wetting her pants, blacks can't stop taking L's this summer.

To top it off, I present to you industry baby, the latest buck breaking hit song from Lil Nas X, the black community's premier artist.

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The mix of soppy sentimentalism coupled with just audacious and outrageous levels of self-regard is what I find so awful about America from the outside. I know nothing about gymnastics but in this article they're talking about how this Biles girl and others were talking about her as the greatest gymnast of all time. Well if you go to the list there's like 20 Hungarian, Romanian and Soviet girls with double her medals.

Reminds me of that wilderbeast tennis player they have as well that the Americans treat like royalty. Still hasn't got as many majors as an Aussie Margaret Court who's a sweet old lady who's enemy number one in Australia now and having her name removed from every stadium because she has standard Christian opinions on homosexuality.

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they're talking about how this Biles girl and others were talking about her as the greatest gymnast of all time. Well if you go to the list there's like 20 Hungarian, Romanian and Soviet girls with double her medals.

They couldn't control their liberal boner and flopped their dicks out because she is just too perfect of a poster girl for the left to hype and bombard your propaganda feed with. She's both black and claims to be a "survivor" of the white rapist doctor, Larry Nassar who drew national attention and she's doing something.

Thank goodness she dropped out. If she actually helped them win an olympic medal we would never hear the end of it. Fuck, we might even have a new national holiday for her.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with the color of her skin.

My view is that she should not have gone to Tokyo if she was not prepared to support her colleagues at all costs.

One can discuss this without the superfluous racist POS comments.

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If it were a white woman and not a female negro press jews wouldn't be worshiping it like this. Race has everything to do with this episode.

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Negro is obviously a racist term.

Jews don't worship anything blacks do.

News media focus on Simone because they know people want to read about what happened to a world champion. This has also happened with news of white women.

The only problem here is that they are too nice in their comments (and they'd also be nice to a white woman).

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They focus on this negro because she is a negro. Anti Whites will always deny race when it suits them. The ruling elite uses diversity to destroy social cohesion to make it easier to control a divided population. So why do you support diversity while saying you're against the ruling elite?

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Think about this faulty reasoning for a second. News media have one primary aim: make money while reporting the news. It's not part of the thought process, nor would it be acceptable by the editor, to report something only because of the color of the skin of the person, unless of course the assessment is of racism. It makes absolutely no sense. The news isn't constructed with people of color vs. "whites" in any country. It doesn't work, it's not important, and it's not part of the news. Moreover, the 1% is partially diverse, as is the 99%. It's a non-issue. Follow the money, not the color of a person's skin.

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Media outlets regularly forgo the profit motive in order to push propaganda. The fact you position yourself as anti-elite without knowing the basics of media is hilarious. You're somehow operating on a level below even liberal-zionist obfuscators like Chomsky lol.

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I didn't say that financial profit and propaganda were disconnected. Seems you're trying too hard to find a fault in the argument. Sinclair and Fox News and websites listed at /s/ShitpostNews often post racist material in order to appeal to their racist base. In the case of the Olympics, the main stream news about Biles is unrelated to the color of her skin, as it would also be unrelated to the color of a 'white' person's skin.

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Only a libtard is unable to see the extremely strange condescending and fetishising tones of the media in regards to her, precisely because you view black people the same way that they do: as if they're disabled children unable to fend for themselves that need endless coddling.

There's a reason the conservatards talk about you guys having a 'bigotry of low expectations' with black people, you view them in a much more dehumanising manner than any white supremacist does.

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Did I or they fetishize any athlete because she or he was a person of a colour? No

Is any of this condescending? No

Does anyone on the so-called "left" see blacks as if they were disable children? No.

Does anyone on the so-called "left" see blacks as unable to defend themselves? No.

Does anyone on the so-called "left" think blacks need endless coddling? No.

Does anyone on the so-called "left" claim that I have "bigotry of low expectations"? No.

Does anyone on the so-called "left" view [blacks] in a much more dehumanising manner than any white supremacist does? No.

Are you in the KKK or a similar white supremacist group? Are these standard views in /s/DebateAltRight? How many people do you know who insist on applying arguments about skin color to the news coverage of athletes? Do you get your news from any of the websites at /s/ShitpostNews?

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What views?

Zero, only you talk about skin colour because you lack the necessary brain activity to understand what race is


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News media have one primary aim: make money while reporting the news.

Do you honestly think Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post to make money? He bought it for power and influence, which is what the modern day media is all about. It's owned by oligarchs that made their money elsewhere that want to push an agenda.

He who controls the media/internet controls America. Controls the world really, at least those parts of the world not under direct control of regimes which heavily regulate the media and internet. It's basically China, arguably Russia, a few outliers like North Korea, and the rest is controlled by international Jewry, at least the rest of what matters. This control isnt top down like say China. It is basically controlled by an assortment of Jews who are generally like minded in their belief that the most important thing after their own personal wealth and power is doing what's "good for the Jews". They sometimes loosely coordinate with each other, but for the most part they simply inherently know what "good for the Jews" means(and if for some reason they don't they will be frequently reminded by others). While they sometimes have disagreements on strategy, the end goal is the same.

It's unknown what role Israel plays in coordinating any of this. I suspect it plays a large role given the total subservience of US politicians to it and the reason for this subservience(extremely wealthy and influential politically active Jews in the US).

This doesn't imply some worldwide conspiracy by all or even most Jews. Most Jews probably have an implicit bias, and as their wealth and power grows they are pressured by ethnic peers to be part of the team, so the implicit bias becomes increasingly explicit with many of them. There are surprisingly few exceptions, Ron Unz being a notable example of one.

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He bought it for power and influence

And what's the purpose of this? Part of it is obviously financial profit (as it fits a portfolio of investments that are much more profitable together).

Does this related to activities of other powerful people, some of whom are Jewish? Certainly.

While you're looking disinforamtion and propaganda, have a look at websites at /s/ShitpostNews

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Negro is obviously a racist term.

No, its not. Not everyone who is black is a negro.

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Is there a special KKK committee that determines to whom the word 'negro' applies? It's an old racist term, give its original and current connotations. Your use of it identifies you as someone who hates people who don't look like you.

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Negro is a racial classification used to a subset of subsaharan africans.
You've people from Australia, southern india and africa that are all blacks but they are not all negros, because they belong to different races.
A black indian isn't a negro. I think the term is dravidian but I could be wrong

I don't see any negative connotations to the word. The fact that you do makes only one of us a racist. How is it negative to be a negro? Is it negative to be white? Do you realize how condescending you sound right now? Mocking an entire race of people.

Black is a bad term because it refers to someone skin color instead of their race. You end up generalizing people based on skin color, which gives the wrong impression. Suddenly a black from india is grouped with a black from africa for no other reason than their skin color, despite them being from different races.
Its clearly a bad term and its pretty racist to use the word black. You're essentially identifying them by condensing them to their skin color only, how dehumanizing.

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Thanks for the info, though here's the rub:

Rather than value the opinions of racists about the definition of 'negro', search for the words: 'negro' and 'definition'. What you'll see is:


"Anthropology. (no longer in technical use) a member of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race, especially those who originate in sub-Saharan Africa."

"Older Use: Often Offensive. a Black person."

"The term can be construed as offensive, inoffensive, or completely neutral, largely depending on the region or country where it is used. "

"Negro is a word that was used in the past to refer to someone with dark skin who comes from Africa or whose ancestors came from Africa [offensive, old-fashioned]"

"Back in the 1700's and 1800's when a slave master wanted to summon his slave. Negro go pick my cotton."

There are no definitions online that indicate that your definition is acceptable. So, why would you insist on your definition, instead of the general approaches to that definition? Why do you value the word, negro? Is this because you hate these people?

As for India (and some other parts of Asia) and their opinions of darker skin people: there are 100s of millions of there who dislike darker skin, and are often insulting to people with darker skin, especially in central, northern and metropolitan areas. Women often try to lighten their skin. Part of this also related to the caste system. The lowest castes are Dalits, and they tend to have darker skin. But the main reason Dalits are discriminated against is because they work in menial jobs. The Brits called them untouchables. Thus, whereas the color of skin is judged in India, one of the reasons for this - as in the US - is because of the long tradition of their lower incomes, in general. And in both countries, there are many darker skinned people who are highly successful.

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These are black people, but only because of their skin color, not their race. They are not from subsaharan africa and they are not negros. They are indians with black skin, thats it.

To use the word black to describe a race is misleading because you start grouping indians together with negros. Two different races.

Look at this picture:
Then look at this picture:

These could both be "blacks" but these two groups are the MOST genetically distant groups on the planet. Do you understand that? You wont find two groups that are more distant to each other than these two and yet people using the word "black" to describe races would easily put these two groups into the same racial category, which makes no sense at all.

On the other hand, using the word negro would properly describe these groups as distinct from each other.

Some person wrote the information that you are quoting and I disagree with what that person wrote. Using "black" is much more racist than using the word negro, which is a proper technical term that describe a known racial group.

I don't really care about your stories of india. They don't matter to the use of the word negro, which is a good word - much better than the word black.

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I've not really discussed 'black' in my comments (I've discussed 'darker' or 'dark').

Groups in different countries have preferred words for this (which I think is confusing to many of us):

In the US - the preferred term is "people of color" or BIPOC

In the UK - the preferred term is "blacks" or BAME

In India - they still use the term Dalit, which is part of the political system (albeit insulting as a term)

There are many examples in other countries.

I don't like any of these terms, especially when they're used by administrators. Better terms, in my view, are: marginalized or under-represented people. This includes all skin colors, sexual preferences, religions, and whatever, while also addressing the main problem: abuses of the minority by other minorities or by the majority.

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Your claim was that negro was a bad word, but I have demonstrated to you that it isn't. It is a scientific word to describe a racial group that differ genetically from other races that some would wrongly classify as the same race if we used misleading words like "black" to describe these genetically distinct groups.

Whites are underrepresented in the US government. Whitest are marginalized by the majority in power (jews) in the US through various legislation that discriminates against white people on the basis of their race.

People of color are not marginalized by the 80% people of color Biden US government adminstration, but whites are, despite being the majority in the US, because whites are marginalized and underrepresented and discriminated against on the basis of their race.

I think terms like marginalized and under-represented people are wrong words to use because they do not describe the racial problems intersecting our communities. Without an intersectional analysis of our society, we cannot understand how it works properly.

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Not only does it shamelessly worship weakness, but there's almost a religious undertone to it.

It's called slave morality.

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You gotta be kidding me. Seriously? Every. Fucking. Time.

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"I quit hahaha!" the 24-year-old gymnast had apologetically revealed on Instagram after the qualification round this weekend, where she was described by The Wall Street Journal as having made "an uncharacteristic number of significant errors."

But what is anyone going to do about JEVA LANGE?

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Did you mean (((Jeva Lange)))?