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Governments collect lots of data. If immigration had economic (or other) benefits beyond muh GDP!!, they would have MSM airing reminders about it constantly. Since they don't do this, it seems all but certain that it's likely neutral or in fact negative.

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The left wing danish parties blocked a report about the immigrant contribution to the danish economy for years and it finally came out in 2014 showing that we take a negative -33 billion dkk every year and the real number is likely much bigger.

This is a danish comedian about Sweden a few years ago. Its part 2 out of 3 i think.

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negative -33 billion dkk every year

But there are other, (((less tangible))), benefits.

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Of course, how could we forget grenade attacks, weapon and drug trafficking, as well as literal rape gangs. Those things are just so wonderful and bring much needed enrichment and cultural diversity to the dreary and bland life in Sweden.

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There's also this article published on UNZ about the cost of immigration for the Netherlands. Basically Scandinavian, Swiss and East Asian (Japanese and Chinese primarily) labour immigrants are the most prolific net contributors to public finances, whilst Sub-saharan Africans are the least contributing group. Their descendants won't become net contributors either, so they are a permanent drain on society and its coffers.

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Japanese and Chinese primarily

I remember an article in one of our major papers here in Flanders a few years ago. It was written by a Chinese woman who was sick and tired of being compared to other migrants, especially migrants from Arab or black countries. She said it was high time to recognize that not all migrants are the same. She was attacked by the left for daring to state the obvious.

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    I would certainly, in their shoes, feel outraged if I were put into the same category with Negroes.

    They are. All immigrants are in our land for economic reasons only, we are here because it's our homeland. If they don't want to be compared to blacks they should go home rather than being soulless economic units for capitalism.

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    Our national bank released a study on the economics of migration not that long ago. It was the first time they released the numbers after decades of right-wing parties asking for it. The numbers were obvious. European migrants are a net gain and migrants from the Third World are a net loss. This is true for every other European country. At least for the ones I've seen data from.

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    This cirkus-show is going on in Norway, too.

    Why not just give more power to women and tell the muslims to r*pe untill all of European history dissapears.