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Putin is not a savior. His internal politics can be criticized (hatespeech rules etc.). He spreads the Soviet Version of history ("the Soviets were the ultimate humanists"). Finally, he fails to prevent the cultural decay (spread of nihilism).

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I thought I wrote this reply myself. It is well written.

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Thanks for the kind words.

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He is helping Syria and Iran defend themselves from the kikes so I'm pro-Putin. If he wants to fund European liberation movements I'm all for it.

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I like Putin a lot. People forget what a disaster Russia was under Yeltsin. Putin is a hard-line authoritarian. He also out a lot of Jewish oligarchs in their place.

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Vladimir Putin is an extraordinary leader. He saved Russia from economic slavery at the hands of international finance, he rebuilt the country from the ruins of the Soviet Union, he intervened in the Middle East and foiled the plans of America and Israel, and he ensured that his country did not get sucked into a ruinous war (which even Adolf Hitler was not able to do).

Is Putin perfect? No. He tolerates the Atlanticist faction who want closer relations with the West (thus making them political rivals). He cracks down on Russian nationalists who want to take a hardline stance against the West. Putin also tolerates the existence of subversive Western propaganda to a certain extent (TikTok is making inroads among Russian youths).

But despite that, Putin is still a saviour of Russia, and an enemy of Globalism. He will be remembered as one of a very small number of extraordinary leaders in the 21st century.

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Hear, hear!

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He cracks down on Russian nationalists who want to take a hardline stance against the West.

I was unaware of this....

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Its true. Many people don't realise that on the Russian political spectrum, Putin is a moderate.

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Real talk: are there any jews with that much of a slavic-mongolian admixture?

I was sure that was evidence against him being genetically kosher.

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Based. In foreign policy, he is clearly acting against Israel's goals.

Yes, he does co-operate with jews, but that doesn't outrule being based.

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Based. Some of his speeches are evidence of this. The international elites try to trap him by asking him about the holocaust and he gives them right answer for someone in his position, i.e. the holocaust happened just as jews claim it did. Holocaust denial would just give them leverage for his removal and do him no good.

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I like his approach to paying off all national debts.

But he's done a terrible job with the economy. Russia has almost 2x the population of Germany, but a GDP that's smaller than Brazil. WTF?

If it weren't for all the nukes, Russia would be known as a backwater dump.

Edit: Speaking of which, whatever happened to their Space Program? The Soviets use to be at the forefront of this, but today, they're practically irrelevant.

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On a GDP(PPP) basis, Russia has the largest economy in Europe, on par with Germany. The Russian economy fell behind the West due to 70 years of communism. Then there was 10 years of nonstop looting and decay during Yeltsin. Putin took Russia out of the gutter in 2000 and has rebuilt it into a middle class country. You can't expect it to be a developed country after all that ruin.

Particularly, the Russian economy was distorted due to the hyper militarization of the Soviet Union during the cold war where 70% of industrial production went towards the military.

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Well, Russia's economy sucks and its expected since they had communism.

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paying off all national debts

Is insane. That will literally cause a depression.

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No it wouldn't. National debt is too small to cause a deflationary spiral.

Plus Russian debt is 20 oe 30% of GDP. Quite low but not nil

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Plus Russian debt is 20 oe 30% of GDP.

That's an even more absurd then. That's very low.

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Given the past 100 years, the current trajectory for Russia's future is impressive.

Overcoming oligarchs requires being the strongest. Plundering part of the nation's resources becomes a necessary evil on the Russian chessboard to form a proper dictatorship. Power requires being capable of paying the correct people off, forming the correct hierarchies and incentive structures, eliminating the correct opposition, and emerging as the strongest force. You have to hope that the warlord of warlords emerging ultimately still has the best prospects of the Russian people in mind, a mass of people most of whom are a legacy of depletion and may not know what's best for them vs. the temptations of globalist subversion at every corner in a world getting smaller.

International central banking and western politicians plunder their nations in more extreme degrees, except they do it through incredible forms of full spectrum theater with mainstream media and proxies making it appear normal and legitimate and "democratic".

The biggest worry is whether enough contingencies have been put in place to prevent a total New World Order dismantling of Russia into a "liberalized" nation (read: globalist-cucked and exploited playground of the NWO) once Putin is gone.

Russia strategically aligning with Syria with muscle, for example, is a very important positive equalizing geopolitical dynamic.

Answers of this nature need high amounts of context. The bigger caveat is that there's too much unknown about the thousands of people surrounding Putin and whether they can be trusted if/when power vacuums happen.

Putin is, in context, based enough.

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Based on foreign policy (though should be more based) Shit on domestic policy

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He's not great and under "normal circumstances" I'd say he's pretty bad, but in our current situation he's probably the best leader in power today, ESPECIALLY among powerful countries.